Not enough genre diversity


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I’ll have what he’s having.



Your words ring true, but unfortunately there are some who feel almost put down by your words. Some people view that an Auxy repost is that high point for them, the one thing they’re currently striving for. I was, and still am that way, However, I can’t stop other users from trying to reach their dreams, even if it’s an Auxy repost. I’m going to stop this now before I start going into the realm of thought policing.


I don’t think he’s saying that’s it wrong or bad to go for Auxy reposts and features, but encouraging you to look beyond the community of Auxy, because it won’t be able to grow you as much as other things especially later down the road. Eventually you will have to look elsewhere to get more attention and exposure.


+1 - there’s nothing wrong with striving for it, but there’s a hell of a lot out there outside this koi pond :slight_smile: so I think the main takeaway is keep at it and don’t worry too terribly much what’s happening in here because in the grand scheme of things it’s just one facet of the world of music production


I can’t believe this thread is still up after two months.


Ya tbh, this probably isn’t worth continuing anymore. Even if this was a slight issue two months ago, I don’t think it is anymore. Even if you still think so, it’s not very productive to go back and forth about it now.


I have definitely seen many people branch off to more avenues lately, it’s impressive and I’m glad people are finding more music they like!




As others have helpfully pointed out, it wasn’t meant as a put-down.

I’m just urging people that there are good reasons to not aim for an Auxy SC repost as their only/ultimate goal.

Aside from the reasons already mentioned, another big one is that you’re binding your sense of achievement and success to the taste, judgement, availability, priorities and agenda of one person - Lenberg.
(The fact that he’s a nice enough guy still doesn’t stop it being a risky plan/aspiration.*)

Ask yourself - what is it that you think you’ll get from an Auxy repost? Can you only achieve that through an Auxy repost?

Is it the exposure you think you’ll get? Is it because you think of those who get Auxy reposts as the ‘cool kids’? Is it because you consider an Auxy repost as validation for your music?

I’d be genuinely interested to hear why those who have it as their goal think of it that way. (Not to judge, but to understand.)

If anyone with that goal would like to share why, please post here or PM me. I’m genuinely interested to understand better.

Base advice… Don’t put all your eggs - and hopes - into one basket.

You’re only limiting your chances of success and significantly increasing your chances of disappointment.

(* It’s also not fair on Lenberg to effectively be shouldering your sense of success.)


Hiya, I’m new here. I’ve been browsing these forums for quite a while and finally worked up the confidence to actually join. Anyways, I agree with what you said. Trap and future bass is nice and all, but it would be nice to see some diversity.

I try my hand at a lot of things, a few of them being chiptune, drum and bass, hardstyle, trip hop, nu-disco and recently breakcore (since it’s now possible with the new sampling thing).

Only problem is I dunno how to create topics and Auxy won’t let me submit to my soundcloud for some reason… sooo I may not be able to share my tunes for a while.

(Rip I just realized how old this post is… sorry lol)


It’s cool. If you stick around a little bit and comment on existing threads it doesn’t take long to be able to post your own. I think within a weeks time of casual browsing I was able to. I haven’t really been active here SUPER long (to me at least)


Just wait a lil I got somethinnnnnnn guys


:0 This should be interesting :0


@Lex, no worries about bringing up an old thread, I feel that so many good ones get buried way to quickly. Especially this one, it’s one of my favorites. @akabillposters made SO many good points and I feel this is a great thread to keep contributing to.

For what it’s worth I have never made a future bass or trap song. Simply because I’m older so they are just unfamiliar, less on my figurative wavelengths. With that said I love many of those types of tracks produced in the community as a listener. But I think you will find more diversity as you keep exploring. @akabillposters is a great place to start, as well as @official_ivo, @Southborne, @darwinmcd, @Fantom87, @moemx, and others!


I think the new update also opened up so much more possibilities for the app, so more diverse stuff is just a matter of time. I also think the overall quality has improved drastically over the last few months as well; so much great music coming out of this community. This is not really relevant to this topic, but still worth mentioning :ok_hand:t3:


Totally agreed on your points. I think just playing around with samples and eventually figuring out a tight new unexpected beat opens up the roof for new genres and creativity :ok_hand:t3:




Indeed. I’ve been trying to get dirty, sloppy, broken beats going for a while, but it was never really authentic sounding until this update. The combination of sample import and offset means that’s authentically possible now.

I’m already grabbing samples of acoustic R&B kicks and bass guitars for future projects with sounds and genres that weren’t remotely (authentically) achievable before.

Even the sounds themselves are inspiring new ideas. It was a combination of the new bass kicks and the new basses that led to my latest track, which, thanks to sample import, has helped me evolve my sound even more.


I see this thread is alive again. Just wanted to reply to this by saying that synth wave is an avenue I’ve been pursuing in my own time when I’m not busy. All in all, it’s that and dark electronic music akin to Devoid of Joy’s style. It’s just hard right now between not knowing what I’m doing and school starting up again.