Not enough genre diversity


I don’t really focus on specific genres. I just focus on my own style. But I happen to produce a range of different genres and styles. Like I have dnb style like cureless pain, just you. Then there’s tranc-y sorta songs like blood Shot and Years. I have done melodic dubstep. Future Bass I do a lot of different genres. So I’m pretty sure I have a big variety :wink:


Then again. Songs can sound the same because of the lack of sounds recently. I mean yeah we have over 100 Sound’s but because Auxy isn’t that big of a community. We all use similar sounds.


That’s certainly a large factor. When so many are using the same sound palette, it’s to be expected that stuff starts to sound the same.

I like to think that some of my stuff manages to push things a little, doing things structurally that other Auxy users maybe aren’t doing. Whether that’s exploring the vintage keys as the heart of a piece, lo-fi synth stuff or even a solo.
But to others, it might well sound like many, many other Auxy productions.

For me, the lack of genre diversity in the Auxy community is compounded by the limited sound palette – or vice versa.

It’s hard to know what would have most impact. Do we ‘need’ more sounds to broaden genre appeal (particularly outside of the existing Auxy community) – or would broader genre diversity amongst the Auxy music maker community still produce a greater sense of musical diversity coming out of Auxy?


Well I always stick to a phrase “quality is better than quantity” but I guess in this case. We kinda need more quantity. But still good qaulity. So I’ve figured, we deserve to wait longer for extra sounds and features to benefit te whole of the Auxy community. Instead of rushing each month to make the community happy. So I guess it’s better to wait a little longer


I dunno. Unsurprisingly, I’m less acquiescent. Probably could’a/should’a seen this issue coming and planned ahead.

Anyhoo… :wink:


Hear this… I’ve got a contingency plan. Nothing was wrong with GarageBand before Auxy, it worked just fine and will continue to work fine :slight_smile:

At the end of the day I’m reasonably sure I’ll be using both regardless of what Auxy does next.


That’s a good point. Why is it taboo to produce with other apps along with Auxy?


But… but… Auxy UI is so gosh-darn handy.

If they could find a way to do more – while still adhering to/honouring the UX principles – they could change the game completely.

In the past 6–7 months, I’ve spent at least a couple of grand on hardware and software, plugins, sample packs, etc… including many similar/competing iOS apps – thinking they would be at the centre of my workflow. (I’m still doing it.)
And yet, I can make more substantial progress in Auxy than any other environment. So much so, that I’ve yet to open many of those competing apps that I hoovered up early on.

While I’m still early on in my journey and aspirations, Auxy can get me usefully/convincingly close to what I have in my head, while allowing me enough freedom to explore and discover new ideas.

As my writing and production evolves and I become more familiar and comfortable with stuff like Ableton Live and all my hardware and software synths and pedals, I may come to realise what I’ve been missing by not involving those bits more. (I have a sense of it now, but Auxy is ‘good enough’ to substantially delay me moving to hardware+pedals+Ableton in my workflow.)

Right now, I’m at a stage where the ideas are coming thick and fast – and nothing else comes close to Auxy for allowing me to react to musical ideas quickly and get them into a substantial, meaningful shape.

The more Auxy closes the gap, reducing the need or benefit of opening other soft synths or pulling out the hardware, then the more of my workflow — and my money — it can have.


It’s not, lord knows I’ve used my fair share of app mashing (at one point was mixing and matching content from blocs wave, Gadget and GarageBand - a good combo).

It’s all about the holy grail - workflow.


THIS. This 100%. I have yet to use something else that gets the ideas together and out of my head so fast as well. Being able to mix and match not only note patterns (which any DAW can do) but also the idea of automation clips all on a touch screen is mind blowing.

The sound is good enough to work “within the box” so to speak, and for me especially only having time during lunch and my commute really to work on this stuff there’s no “studio time” - not even home studio, at least not right now.

I’m sure I’m not the only person here who does get the chance to sit down at a “big boy” DAW, you fire it up and it’s just this yawning void of possibility. Should I use this synth? Maybe this one. Lemme flick through 1,000 presets yes this kick is perfect. Next thing you know you just spent 45 minutes laying down a two step beat and put a filter on it, that’s it.

I’ve used hardware, I’ve used many different softwares, I’m not saying I’m a production wizard, I’m not, but I have YEARS of experience with different setups under my belt. I’ve been involved in iOS music production since the iPhone 4. What we get with Auxy is pretty damn amazing, and the more we can keep it contained with one app the better, more focused, and overall a better experience it will be.


There are a lot more things contributing to Future Basses popularity than you’re taking into account.

  1. It’s simply popular in and outside of AUXY right now. While is sucks for the people who happen to not be huge fans, a lot of people like it, so a lot of people are gonna make it.
  2. I think mods are picking future bass tracks right now because the genre utilizes new AUXY features well. Naturally they’re gonna wanna promote the new capabilities of their software. When the new update drops, it’s likely we’ll see another emphasis on a new genre.
  3. Don’t be that guy that over simplifies an entire sub genre in order to support their argument. It’s rarely that simple.
  4. Mods normally clearly state their rules and criteria a BTC needs to meet in order for a track to be chosen. People aren’t winning because they’re making future bass. They’re winning because they’re making creative, well mixed music that pushes the limits of the app itself.


You said what needed to be said and you said it perfectly.


You have a really fine argument there, mate. You really do. I’m just asking for a bit more diversity in the Auxy community, really. But to outright attack a genre simply because it’s against someone’s views or because it’s disliked by them is quite unfair. Your opinion is well and truly appreciated, mate.


Again I would like to point out that people should make what they’re good at, and asking for more diversity won’t really change people’s minds about making it. It’s one of my favourite genres, and it has a lot of talented musicians making it. At the same time, I’ve REALLY enjoyed branching out a little in, say, Opposites
But I feel like encouraging branching out in general to everyone instead of discouraging just future bass artists would be a better, more positive way to go.


Maybe splitting hairs, but I’d switch that to "…should make what they’re interested in/enjoy making"
Being ‘good at’ it can come later.

asking for more diversity won’t really change people’s minds about making it.

I think we’re already seeing evidence that some have broadened their horizons as a result of the subtle push (nagging?) about doing so. Point being, the tone could have been a bit more carrot than stick (a point you make yourself), but it appears to have ‘worked’ to some extent.

I don’t think anyone’s actually been pressured into making a genre they have no interest in.

(Just to clarify, I’m of the ‘let’s get makers from other genres to join the community/start using Auxy’ persuasion, rather than converting people towards or away from FB or any other genre.)

Still, maybe it’s time to stop reacting to a 2-month old polemic. :slight_smile:


I think one way that this could be done is some high-profile releases of other genres. It could be done as a way to outreach to other communities of creators. It’s just an idea though.

I do think this topic has served its importance as well, as it has helped people open up to other possibilities. I also hope it hasn’t discouraged anyone from making the stuff they like.


I agree as someone who makes hip hop, rap, and dance music- I don’t think I stand a chance in BTC’s anymore as I feel it’s mianly focused more on a different genre that I don’t understand!


This shouldn’t be the case, mate. All I advise is that you don’t give up. Instead, keep at it.


It’s a tough one – real chicken and egg stuff.
We need the tent-pole tracks from different genres to attract the users from those genres.
But, without the body of users working in a given genre/style, the likelihood of that tent-pole track happening are low. (i’m doing my best to represent ‘jazzy key solos’ and ‘sweeping lead melodies’. :wink:

The real trick is to not bank on getting a leg-up from Auxy themselves. (That’s not a criticism, just a reality check.)
Stop aiming for an Auxy SC repost or a Feature and start aiming for things you have more control over – or which yield bigger results.

Part of the key to that is to stop thinking that you’re making ‘Auxy music’.
You’re making music – You just happen to be using Auxy.

To be brutally honest, no-one outside of the Auxy community cares if it’s #MadeWithAuxy.
(I’ve even stopped tagging my stuff #auxy, because I’m not sure it’s doing my stuff any favours.)
No-one (who matters) is impressed and no-one (who matters) is going to support a track, good or bad, just because we made it on a phone.

Additionally, it’s not even about making Auxy look good or attracting new users. I’d rather put that energy into helping myself.

Think around Auxy, think beyond it. Stop expecting the ‘Auxy’ part of your music to be the thing that springboards you to greater attention and ‘success’.

Best to assume it’s not gonna happen that way – and start making other, more solid plans.

Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter what genres are represented in this community. I consider that no-one here is making music particularly close to much of mine, but it doesn’t stop me making it.
I don’t make it because the people around me make it. I make it because that’s what’s inside me.

Sure, the app may not support my preferred genres well enough for me to create the finished, release-ready tracks (by my judgment), but if there’s more I want to do — whether it’s a particular sound, effect, or something else — I’ll turn to whatever tools I need to take what I’ve started in Auxy and get it into the shape I want.

I, personally, don’t expect to be ‘discovered’ as a result of Auxy SC reposts or even a feature (not that I’m aiming for either). Only Auxy users pay attention to that – and we should all be aiming to get traction outside of this bubble.

Sure, the Auxy team could be doing more. For whatever reason, they won’t/can’t.

So, much better to be making your own, real plans for getting the promotion we want for our music – plans that don’t revolve around the Auxy app, the Auxy community or the Auxy SC channel.


I haven’t really read the whole thread (don’t kill me please!) so I don’t know if anyone has already said this, but the tools are there. It’s possible to make so many other genres using Auxy, and I think it’s a lot of fun to create other genres. The synths are there, the ability is there. Now get out there and make something cool.

However, I will add that future bass is likely prominent because you only need one synth to do it (in the typical future bass song) and it doesn’t require many other supporting sounds. Auxy is a perfect platform to create that on since you have a limited range of synths to use. Future Bass’ sound is a sound that’s easy to reproduce (so noobs can do it easily) and it can be half-… uh… :^) somethinged because people just want the cool sound of the wubs.

Trap is used a lot because the best of the free drums are trap drums, nuff said.

In response to the complaint about future bass stuff always winning BTCs, I just won BTC #24 with a song that resembles complextro— it’s not always the case that future bass wins.