Not enough genre diversity


Rt!!! I mean yeah everyone should try to push their limits but like also music is all about freedom of expression so like do whatever and be the judge of your own SoundCloud/music profile page


am i right or am i right.

is impertinent, but also cheeky


I agree. It’s always trap, modern R&B, and future bullcrap. I remember the olden days, especially as to where the early BTCs are concerned, where not everything viable was constructed on these overrated genres.


Geez dude I don’t hate on your genres regardless of what I think, why you gotta hate on mine?


waves cane around Get off my lawn! :older_man:t3:


I agree with @aUstin_Haga (see? it can happen ;)…

I understand that you might feel frustrated, but perhaps it might be better to sink that energy into creating more tracks in genres that you enjoy.
A quick look/listen at your SC page shows you haven’t added (produced?) anything longer than a BTC entry for four months.

There are some in your BTC entries that could/would make good (full) tracks.
It would be good if you carried through on more of them, developing them into full tracks.

So, I’d suggest not focussing exclusively on the competitions such as BTC, but increase your own (non-BTC) output, so you can add your own styles to the Auxy pot in more substantial chunks. :+1: :slight_smile:


I can agree to that! :grin:


Out of the three recent BTC’s I’ve participated in, one bore a full track and there’s another one coming, but kind of biding my time for new update since it’s gonna be drum focused (in addition to other stuff) and I need baddddd. So this is great advice! Flesh out those BTC’s!


hence your name…


i’m starting a label called Future Bullcrap :joy::+1::joy::+1::+1::joy::joy::heart:️:+1:


Same here –ish.

Got several promising bits that I plan to develop into full tracks*, but I’m possibly going to hold off until the update drops in Jan before properly developing them. Also, some point in the new year, I plan to start developing my music ‘properly’, possibly seeking out experienced collaborators, partners, lyricists and vocalists (and engineers for mixing/mastering) – and see where it leads.

(* I’d reached a point where I was planning to only do sketches, early development and ‘demos’ in Auxy from now on, i.e. all finishing being done in Ableton. But, if the Auxy Jan update really brings some major new clout to sounds and sound shaping tools, and can get me even closer to where I want a track to end up – I’m cool with that.)


I listened to the ancient BTC challenges. The only “trap” based BTC
collection was BTC2 for its time. Then it really took off once we got into
the early-mid tens range.

I’d upload more full length songs if I were on Soundcloud Pro. But I’m not,
so it’s just BTCs for now.

Sounds like a good addition to the sound pack library, Future Bullcrap. XD


Why is that a problem? A quick scan of your SC channel, I’d guess you’ve only used around 1 hour out of the 3 free hours you get with the standard account.

That’s plenty of space left. You could upload 20 more full length tracks, if you wanted.
(Avg. ~5 mins each)



I love marshmello


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I mean my music is predominantly Trap with a mix of different other sub-genres depending on song, so I hope that helps with the over saturation xP (probably won’t)


Haga to the rescue


So I just discovered this thread but I agree with a lot of what you are saying. Maybe AuxySC could create some kind of like multiple sub genre promotion areas so people could try out hearing different sounds. I know I personally have no idea what future bass is, but apparently I’ve been listening to a lot of it? :slight_smile:


I spent a little time listening through Auxy reposts recently.

Tbh, imo, although there were technically a range of genres, much of the stuff sounded - to my ears (caveat, caveat) - like they could have come from one artist, albeit one who doesn’t produce in one strict genre.

I’m not sure if this is a symptom of small communities, where cross-influence can become quite incestuous, or a symptom of the app’s sound options, but everything had a sheen that seemed to narrow the available (possibles?) in Auxy tracks.

Of course, to those who are more dedicated to the genres represented in the reposts, the distinctions between tracks may be more clear. (Maybe I’m just reaching that age where certain types of music just starts to ‘all sound the same’.) But, maybe it’s that electronic genres are increasingly granular in definition, but similar in sound.

(It’s certainly a symptom of social tribalism (and disaffection, not to mention modern marketing) to take a slightest difference and define/commodity it as something entirely new and distinct.)

Dunno. I was just struck by the sense that a lot of the reposts, from different artists and different genres, wouldn’t stylistically feel out of place on an album by a single artist/band.

I think, as a community, we’re still missing representation of fairly large chunks of the electronic music sphere.

For example, imo, it would great to find ways to attract more techno makers, whether it’s minimal, melodic, Detroit-style, tech-house or whatever.

And where’s the electro at?

I’d personally love to see more electro-pop/synth-pop makers get involved. (Maybe when adding vocals becomes an option, it’ll attract more electronic pop song writers. :man_shrugging:

Maybe if/when more acoustic samples make their way onto Auxy, makers and song writers beyond the ‘electronic’ sphere might be more attracted.

(To clarify, for me, it’s a question of attracting makers in those genres, not expecting makers here to diversify their output beyond their natural interests.)

There are still a bunch of music styles, that Auxy can serve well, that aren’t finding their way to Auxy (and/or this community, from which, afaik, all reposts come).

Not sure what can be done to attract a broader range of makers, but it still feels like there’s a lot missing, with some quite notable/noticeable gaps.