Not enough genre diversity


Tornait here. I’ve got a lot of complaints. And one… Is genre diversity. Too many people doing the same genre. Especially trap, future bass, etc. I honestly think it’s getting stale. You can choose not to agree, and I’ll agree to disagree. Also, this is really more about the stuff the Auxy team reposts. Sure, they may like certain parts of a certain song, but to other people, it means basically everything in the world. It’s like an endorsement from Michael Jordan to them, and they strive to get to that point; it’s basically becoming ‘Auxy famous’. But to get to that point, it doesn’t mean someone should have to conform. That’s why I’m endorsing genre diversity. Push your limits. Do something fresh, something different. Something that can really hook people. Always strive for that with every song… That is, if you’re catering to your fans. If not, if you’re catering to yourself, then make every song a personal challenge. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. And surely, every song will get better.

And to those people who are artists of genres like trap and future bass… You don’t even have to listen to what I’m saying. It’s your choice, and it’d be unfair for at least one person, that being me, to hate you for it. So I won’t. I just hope that what I said can resonate with you guys.

Another note… i’m probably getting jaded.

What new Genre’s could we come up with?
Is there room for any other genre other than EDM, Dubstep, Future Bass and Chill house

Future bass, future bass, future bass. That’s all I hear from the Auxy community, it’s honestly really dissappointing…

Whenever some of us tries to get featured in Beat the Clock, we almost often get future bass artists. Some of us get blown out of the water just for future bass creators to easily win.

It’s no wonder why amateur creators are asking for promotion, we’re constantly being bombarded by half-assed future bass tracks.

I wanted Auxy to be a multigenre platform, not some other way of making future bass…


You’re welcome to make it, just put more time into it.


I’d agree that there’s a ton of future bass songs out there that are pretty slapdash and are like “here are some wubs lol xdxd” that get (questionably) some attention. HOWEVER, I do appreciate and enjoy exquisitely crafted future bass songs that (rightfully) get attention.


Must say, I’m slightly bugged by some asserting that it’s a quality (or effort) issue.
I think it has much more to do with popularity (of the genre) here.

Popularity doesn’t necessarily reflect quality.

@IAATOE, what are your thoughts on this bit, which suggest that not everyone thinks that quality is the issue…


Hopefully this upcoming update adds some things to Auxy to make it more diverse in terms of genres.


I don’t think you can suddenly get everyone to stop making a genre, I think the problem is is that nothing new has been brought to the table.


I think the issue is due to a range of factors. (This isn’t a judgement as to whether any is innately good or bad. Just that these factors have probably led to the current state of affairs.)

  • The current popularity of the FB genre
  • The young average age of members here
  • The genre leanings of what can be done well in the app
  • The ease-of-use of the app opening up music making to less musically ‘dedicated’ or experienced users
  • The Auxy SC channel reposts and what impression that creates about genres, etc…

I agree that expecting people to stop making a genre that they enjoy is unrealistic. However, it would be great to see more FB fans trying harder to push beyond the run-of-the-mill FB sound.

(It’s a common habit, especially amongst younger fans of popular genres. A person hears something that they really like and the instinct is ‘I want to make something like that’. There’s not much struggle going on to find one’s own voice/style or version of it.)

(Although, I must add… I’m not an FB fan, so I may not be hearing subtle but important variety in the FB typically posted here.)

I do acknowledge that the forum itself (and the Auxy user community in general) has no ‘duty’ to be varied. (It’s a slightly different issue to that of Auxy SC reposts, etc…, though it’s related.)

I think the only way for the community to evolve beyond the current FB leanings is to get more users who aren’t FB music makers.

This is where the Auxy SC channel - and the tracks it reposts to its audience - comes into play.
It’s likely to be the only Auxy-oriented channel that attracts significant numbers of new Auxy users, with an audience that’s probably larger than the channels of every ‘Auxy music maker’ combined.
It can and almost certainly does effect which genre fans are drawn to Auxy, and subsequently which genre leanings this forum has.

With a little social engineering on the reposts front, Auxy would attract music makers from a broader range of styles and genres. And that would likely be reflected in this forum.

With more users working in a particular genre, the greater the chances are that, not only will great Auxy producers in that genre occur, but there’ll be more users discussing, liking and reposting that genre. Any genre can become ‘self-sustaining’ here, but they will sometimes need a little help at the start, from those with reach, to get that first bit of traction.


I didn’t even know what future bass was until I started interacting in these forums lol. I’m not even really sure I still know what it is :thinking:

I know this though - every time I pop open someone’s SC link or project, I try to just go in with a blank slate in my head. Good music and good production are a good thing regardless of genre.

Definitely agree with above points and would LOVE more / different (more different?) sounds to allow a little more depth / breadth.

Gotta say though, the stuff I’ve heard that bucks the trend is INCREDIBLY creative, not sure how some of you guys are getting these kinds of sounds out of this app… scary. Good scary


Same, I’d never heard of Future Bass or Trap. I must be getting old :confused: But there is (some) DnB and an even smaller amount of brostep being made here, and when it does crop up it’s always quality. Presumably because all the 11-year old first-song producers are concentrating on future bass and trap :joy:

Personally I pretty much just ignore anything tagged with a genre I’m not into and concentrate on what’s left. And like @icsleepers said, keep an open mind because I firmly believe there’s something good in every single song.


Lol in the last song I posted in the tracks section I did my VERY FIRST trap snare roll, I was pretty much laughing my ass off, but it fit so I left it… 18 years of writing music and I finally did a triplet snare roll :joy:


Yeah I noticed that! :smile: I tried one in one of my tracks a week or so back, had to delete it :joy:


Personally speaking, I don’t think the update will change what tracks people do or don’t make. I’ve never made a future bass track in my life. However, I do agree that that tends to be the most popular genre within the community.


Just hope we get something other than “AP-008 - Future Bass 2” :unamused:

…but with that said I’d probably still buy it :unamused:


I think you’re right for the most part. It’s mostly through the sound packs that genre opportunities are supported/encouraged.

I do think there might be some additional controls that might lend themselves well to a wider range of genres. I’m thinking primarily of a controllable synth engine and some way of importing audio files.

Of course, I don’t know that they’ll be in the next/future update, but Lenberg seems somewhat in favour of the idea.
Those two things alone would do a lot to open things up.

+ their plans/aspiration re: frequency of new Sound Packs releases


Controllable synth engine

:100: :fire:


I totally see what you mean. And I agree that given what sounds are available, many users are confined to a certain span of genres possible with the instruments at their disposal.

On my side, Im actually taking a break from the typical IVO sound that most of my listeners are used to (I don’t know if that’s considered mainstream within the Auxy community as well - I try to stay as unique and true to myself as possible :man_shrugging:t3:), and I’m developing a new side-project plus some brand new songs from IVO just to switch things up. [And the point of this being that there’s a lot more one can do with Auxy without conforming to this notion that “Future Bass means repost”]

But as for the future bass craze? I don’t have much to say beyond what’s already been said. I just know there are several popular Auxy producers who don’t dabble in that genre at all. I just think the overwhelming majority of Auxians have taken to it.


New alias incoming? :smirk:


One could say :sweat_smile: My best friend and I are working on something that can be summarized as “Auxy meets analogue” :grin:


Sounds cool! I’m curious :+1:t3:.
Will we know it’s you or will it remain a secret?