Not able to upload to soundcloud

I haven’t been able to upload for a while. When ever a go to upload on SoundCloud, it finishes the loading bar then says upload failed. I don’t know what’s wrong.

Used to happen to me as well, works fine now… did you report the error from the app?

Yea, u guys are out of upload time

Try going to the tracks section in the drop down menu in the corner (with your SC screen name). If your remaining upload time is 0 minutes… then get ready to either pay for SC Pro or to delete some old songs.

If you have enough upload time for the songs you’re posting, then it means SC is down. Check the topic I posted above for help. :slight_smile:

You could be out of upload time.

Another thing might just be phone glitch/error, i’ve gotten them before. Just restart your device and it should work.