NorthEast's Challenge!

Hiya guys. I’m here with a challenge for y’all. This is going to be remixing this song into whatever category you want. This will have to be done by Saturday, and all songs will be posted on my Soundcloud. BUT only one will make the silver lining as an official song. As you may know by the title, this is still only a project. The top winner will be chosen as its rightful creator. Here are the rules:

•Must be 2 mins long

•Must only consist of at most 10 instruments

•Must not change the key

•Must Be uploaded to SoundCloud. Link must be shared on this post

Judging will be held on Saturday, winners will be announced on the following Sunday.



Appreciate my existence.

Just kidding I don’t exist.

Sorry, I was waiting til Saturday to start seeing if people would join in before the judging started.

Also, you forgot to change my name. It’s not Barrelmanboy anymore.

can i change the tempo

Here it is anyway:

I’m here as well :wave:t3:

But your soundcloud is still barrelmanboy…

Yeah, I know. I only still have it as Barrelmanboy because I don’t wanna go and make a new account for NorthEast. I already looked and I can’t find a way to change my name in soundcloud.

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On safari, go on the soundcloud website, and tap and hold the refresh button on the bar up top, a thing should pop up to change the website to desktop mode, there you should be able to change your name

I did what you told me, but I’m not getting anything. At least not when I need to check my account. I can’t really do much after going to desktop mode

Are you using Chrome, because kiP was giving directions for safari.

Ah rats! It’s alrw saturday

Dont worry, I’ll postpone it to Wednesday

I don’t use chrome. Safari is always my go-to browser

Figures, since Auxy is iOS only. Just wondering…

Oh. Sorry… :sweat_smile:


I realized it’s past Wednesday, and this post is no longer getting replies. Although it’s a little late, here are the tops:
I only saw 2 remixes, so if you had a remix and didn’t post it yet, I’m willing to put it in.

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