NorthEast - Forget (WIP, Lofi)

I’m trying to make a Lofi track, and I feel like there’s a lot missing, including variation. IDM if the instruments or note order are changed, as long as it isn’t too major.

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Just trying to get this back to most recent. People are clicking the project link, but I’m getting no feedback for the work. Let me know if you’re actually working on it and it’s just taking a while

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Bro, don’t worry. I’ll make your day!

I’ll finish it as a banger soon as possible.

nvm. Idk anymore if I can do this.

Is it that bad?

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It’s good when I started but when I keep getting stressed, I quit. :pensive: sorry my guy.

Yo. I did some stuff with it. If you’re going for a lofi kinda track, a good kind of feeling to try and get is warmth. Your chords were pretty good for that! I changed the synth and added a sliiiiight bitcrusher distortion to give it that more lofi vibe. The drums aren’t perfect, but more of an approximation of what feels good — more organic and subdued kits are usually the way to go when it comes to lofi. I also did some changes to your melody and added in a persistent bass line (change the level if it’s too loud). Pretty good stuff for me to work with. You’re doing pretty good.