NorthEast - Cherry [WIP, Collab]

Just looking to improve on it. I’ll give half credit on minor detailing.

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I like the melody and the flow with the sidechain(ducking)
-The snare should be more juicy (opinion, but at the least choose new snare)
I like that you introduced a new instrument on the second drop
-A counter melody on the second drop would spice things up more to make it less repetitive or you could change up the drop and do a “sicko mode”

All of that aside it’s a pretty good song! Can’t wait to hear it when you finish.

Maybe an improvement…?

lol kinda flipped it around a bit

added on even more odd things

Bro its good but is still sound kinda empty so can i have a collaboration for this project?

Its a collab. Of course!

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I’m fine with a Collab.


I like how this quickly turned into a rave song.

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Thank bro

Btw @NorthEast is that the final production or is still on progress?

More tiny edits

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Edit the fills