Northeast - Apollo (WIP, Trap)

Inspired from a song I just found called Auto Pilot by A P O L L O. Idk what it would classify as in terms of genre, so I just called it trap since there’s a lot of hihats. I don’t want it to sound similar to the song at all, so I was hoping I’d get some help changing it up a bit to sound more original.

Uhh so I just changed it up a little and it’s sounding better. Want 2 do collab?

Sounds like smthn you’d hear at a rave.

I forgot to mention that I’ll be adding some edits of my own as best as I can. This way, not only will everyone be able to help, but I won’t be doing nothing and letting everyone else do everything. On that note, here’s this:

Hey @NorthEast, I’m about to hop on this and see if you like what I’ll be doing. Maybe all three of us could Collab on it. I think that would be pretty cool because I really like that melody. I’ll get back to you on it. L!nks

Alright what do you guys think of this?

So what you guys think?

@LINKS lol u sed it twice and it sounds kinda like generic trap but it’s pretty gud

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@L1me ok cool you guys want to collab on it tho. I’m totally down!


Lol It doesn’t have the trap vibe but I still like it :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Still not finished tho u wuna work a little on It @LINKS and @NorthEast?