Noob question - how to share projects

Hi there - I am digging Auxy, but want to collaborate on Auxy tunes with my friends (and maybe strangers), and I am not grasping a key concept: how/where do I post Auxy projects that can be opened and edited from within Auxy? Or access projects that others have posted? I don’t mean posting to SoundCloud - I get how that works. Thanks!

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Go to settings on the project you want to export, hit export, then render it and hit share/export and choose “Project link” then hit “copy” you can then paste it and send it as a text message or you can paste it here.

Edit: hit the gear, “Export,” “Render Project,” “Export,” “Project Link,” and “Copy.” You don’t have to render to share a project link. You do have to render unless you want export to SoundCloud or as a Wav file.

Got it, thanks very much!

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No problem! if you need help with anything else, let me know.

Just want to say, you don’t have to “Render Project” to share the project link. Just be on the track you want to share and do the steps that Jax said, minus the render project step. This makes it quicker to share the project link (especially when doing mega collabs).

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Saw you say this, and thought to my self, “I thought I said that,” turns out I said the opposite lol. Just edited it.

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Ok, new question: what is the distinction between “share project” and “export project file” ? I am just trying to get my head around how this is organized - trying to get to a good collaborative workflow.

Share project means share the project link, which looks like this,

Project file shares the file itself along with the imported samples. It is just in a different format.

(The project I sent were just some random chords. Had to have something or else it won’t send)

OK, so you would use the project file if you have custom samples. I haven’t gotten there yet - that’s next. Thanks!

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I was just playing around with some sounds

Hello, I’ve noticed that ur new to the forum and auxy so first of all here are some of my old projects that I gave up on that u can use :

This one is actually from a tutorial that I made a couple months back

Here’s a better tutorial

And here’s my most recent tutorial

And secondly, when u post project links u can make a new topic instead of replying to existing threads