Non-Auxy recommendation if you love Auxy

Hi there, I’m still new to this but I love Auxy, I think it’s an extremely powerful and versatile tool - are there any similar desktop tools available that are similar that anyone would recommend? There are lots of options soI’m interested in specific recs - thanks!

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Nothing on desktop really looks similar. But if you’re looking for something that you can really create with on a computer (for free), I’d start with GarageBand (Mac) or Linux Music Making Software/LMMS (for PC + Linux).

If only there was Auxy for PC, Mac, and online


Not gonna find anything similar, on PC or Mac. If you have a windows laptops, then I recommend getting Audacity. it’s a free, powerful audio editor with a helpful community.

The UI would be ruined.
And so would Auxy’s mission statement.


I wouldn’t mind if it was at least a browser-based app. Maybe to view songs but not edit them would be such a help in my honest opinion.

It would be nice if there was a daw that had a vertical piano roll. I’ve gotten awful used to that. Anyone know if there are any that can do that?

If not, can auxy patent it? That is an advantage. It just makes more sense to me laid out like a keyboard. Every other one seems to do it sideways. Unless i’m just oblivious to my other options.

fl studio is super easy to learn, but less powerful than ableton, which is harder to learn.
also the base price for FL is $100 and Ableton is i thnk $400-$500, but can do way more. I use FL, but i might invest in aableton in the future.

Thanks! This is helpful :smiley: If Auxy supported the recording of vocals I’d be all set - what I do now is just import the Auxy MP3 into Garage Band, it gets the job done but I’d like to streamline my process.