Noise - lagrangian

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Having a really hard time making anything right now. I have so many ideas but no idea how to apply them. I have a ton of projects but no idea how to progress them. Everything I make feels just bad. To combat this, I’m simply going to release a track and embrace the cringe. This song takes a lot of unabashed inspiration from @Devoid-of-joy. Except, I’d call this the opposite of “noises of apathy”. I’ve really enjoyed your music since I first noticed you on this platform and I think I’ll continue exploring gritty, industrial textures for now. So cheers.


Cool man!

Appreciate it :slight_smile:

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My advice on this is to make that static sound fade out before sending in the other instruments, and to also make the instruments line up, so they don’t sound like some kind of mess.

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I guess that was part of the idea with the song. There’s a drum beat that I put it that goes in 3/4 rather than 4/4 for this purpose. Definitely would throw the song under the category of naive art.

It’s still no doubt a good song, but it just doesn’t really sound much of a song so much as it sounds like some kind of horror sound effect.

No insult taken :+1:t2:. Horror sounds about right. Guess that’s what happens when you listen to Blanck Mass and Oneohtrix Point Never long enough.

Thanx for the shout out, I’m honored really to just be noticeable.
It sounds cool bud :ok_hand:t2:
It takes a bit to get comfortable using the abrasive stuff.
I only say mines fueled by apathy because I purposely try and make it based on aesthetics only. No rules you have to follow, and nobody you have to sound like, it’s freedom based on indifference, just make what you feel is interesting, strange, and different to you.
But we’ve all got our reasons behind our sounds I suppose. I’m an authenticity junky, so I dig the weird stuff.
Keep it up and you’ll find a niche, it may not be what you want to make for the masses but it’ll be what you want to make for yourself instead. I encourage personal expressions above all.

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I get ya though, I’m trying to break through some artists block myself.
Here’s a weird one I just ironed out a bit.