No Sound Challenge


There’s probably a post on this, but anyways how about a no sound challenge no rules expect you can’t hear it while your making it [what a complex rule]. Anyways. I’m sure @The_Osprey and @Jax would love to do this.

I definitely didn’t get the inspiration to do this because of the no headphones challenge


Heck yeah! This time, I’ll try to make a full song, (at least a minute long) with automations and stuff.


You got that right

#4 I haven’t listened to it yet so tell me if it’s ok or not


Here we go. Might make some more.


This is actually really fun! Why haven’t I done this before?


Sounds pretty good!
(Nice colors btw😉)


I tried this twice before but I can do this again
(Don’t expect a good song or something)


what how did you get those colours how what what



Magic… abvously.


I found this interesting, so I gave it shot.

Might trash :man_shrugging:t2:
I haven’t listened to it.

Made this in the middle of a math lesson
Don’t know how it sounds


Ok I did mine and I’m so happy I know some music theory. And I’ve made this style like 10 different times now so it wasn’t to bad


Pretty interesting


Here’s what I’ve got:


Thanx, I didn’t listen to it till a little bit ago. It’s a little hectic with the heavy bass
at first but I kind of dig the rest of it.


Good job that sounds like the kind of music I like!


Nice one!


Bro your music style is so weird and unique and I like it!