NiteLiteOfficial [Ambient Collab?]


Already have some work done but I wanted to see if anyone here is also interested in making some progressive ambience.


I am open to collab on anything labeled “ambient”.



That pretty good. Here are my edits. I kept all the original sound/automation loops too:


Love it. I’m gonna work on some of the basses and add some transitions and this might end up being one of the quickest collabs I’ve ever done lol


Awesome :smiley: can’t wait to hear the finished project.



Wait hold on. I edited some more after that. Here’s the up to date version, sorry:


Sounds good! If you think it’s ready to be published, go for it. I can’t find anything I want to add or change, so publish whenever you’re ready. Just make sure to add “feat. VJM” to the end, or something to that effect.


Yeah of course. I’ll send you a link once it’s up



Awesome! Thanks for collaborating with me, we should do it again sometime.