Nite Lite - Together [Melodic, WIP, Collab?]


First song utilizing the amazing new vox sound pack. I’d love to collab on it if anyone is interested


Sounds nice.
I can’t collab b/c no sub, but i can give some feedback instead.

It’d be cool if you could add a “for” sample on the 4 before all the “you” samples. So it leads into the vocal chops

I personally would take out the other chops you have (the “lyrics” and the super high pitched ones). And fill it out with just the first “youuu” or some other kind of mid-high end. I think it’d give more power to the main “you” one.

Example: simple melody I made it as a replacement for the other chops


Wow I really appreciate all the feedback. I actually prefer what you did to what I originally had. Mind if I continue with your version?


Yeah Sure go for it