Nintendo switch / KORG music game

What up y‘all,
Just came across this little excitement:

Does anyone own a Nintendo switch? I don’t. Please buy this and let me know how it is! Probably pretty interesting for all of us music nerds. :grimacing:


You know it’s on iOS as well?

I just realized. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

And there’s a midi function! :slight_smile:
I’ll play around with the free version. :ok_hand:t3:

Was gonna post before but @blakkaz covered it. Long story short, I’d imagine your input/output options would be limited on the Switch version. The iOS version is pretty cool, I can’t get on with the sequencer at all but the sound is pretty great.

Nowadays I just use it to knock together loops to ingest somewhere else. It probably doesn’t help I’m using it on the smallest screen possible (iPhone SE), if I was using an iPad I suspect I’d probably use it more often.

It’s much better on an iPad, but you’re right, the sequencer is a bit pants.
Korg synths sound :ok_hand: though.

I’ve been hooked since the Electribe EM1/EA1/ER1, had all three. Hot damn, just hours, HOURS spent plugging away at them. Wish I had them still


But even for the limited version (which only allows for 3 synths) I like the variety of effects, you got a modular system covered that’s a lot of fun to play around with! :ok_hand:t3:

So much fun. Then again: 3 is not enough for a decently arranged track. On another topic: Auxy hurry up with that update!! I need stuff to play around with!

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Yeah if I wasn’t using Auxy, I’d probably just suck up my total disgust with the sequencer for Gadget and be using that. I really, really, really hate the sequencer. Editing automation is wonky, the whole clip paradigm would be cool if you could mix and match clips like Live, buuuuuut… you can’t. So I don’t really GET it lol.

With that said, the effects, the sounds, the synths, the audio mangling options are so, so slick. I’ve easily spent upwards of a hundred bucks on the whole ecosystem and I never use it lol :frowning: but it’s definitely good for those who can deal with (or gasp LIKE) the sequencer


I totally get you there… been luckily playing around with Ableton A LOT lately, which kinda helps to understand the KORG UI a little better. But still, usability wise Auxy offers a way more playful and if anything easy workflow I like much more. Okay. won’t invest in Gadget until I know what tomorrow is gonna present ! psyched.

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