It’s still a work in progress but was wondering some input from people on anything about the song.


the vocals sound out of key


did you make the instrumental in auxy?


No @surf
I’m using Ableton.

I know that the vocals have some tones to it but it’s intentional. Majority of the rap is mostly monotone so it sounds out of tune


yeah good point… i have ableton too, maybe i could help with the song if you want. here’s a link to the stuff i made in ableton if u wanna hear it:


do u have discord?


Is this in honor of your old name? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think it sounds pretty nice. But I agree about the vocals @surf

This is off topic but do you guys use VSTs in ableton cus the stock ones are kinda trash


I think the stock plugins offer great effects and sounds but there are vsts that can do a better job that stock.


i do, i have serum and massive, but ableton operator works really well for a synth as well


Operator is one of my all time favourites.