Nighthawk - NotMiles

Here’s my new song Nighthawk! It’s based on This Figure loop I made two years ago.

(How do you guys like the new logo, by the way?)

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Hah, I almost called a piece I dropped today Nighthawk.

Went with Nightcrawler.

Quite like the Nighthawk track-let.
What made you go for a ‘living next door to a party’ sound vibe – i.e. the high-pass filter shaving all the top-end of everything?

That thing looks Interesting.

I was also thinking about posting project links to a number of fragments (Auxy fragments, non-Auxy beat loops, etc…) that I’m unlikely to carry forward – in case anyone here happened to be inspired by them and was interested in doing something with any of them.

Actually, I listened to your song right after I posted mine. I liked it!