Nightfall - by darwinmcd

Uploaded a new song today. Hope you enjoy!

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@xavior Why was this thread merged and closed? It’s a new track, separate from Hook.

Please reopen this thread.


Was a mistake.

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@akabillposters @yaneeck
Hey guys! I uploaded a new song to SC this morning. It follows my usual formulaic style that begs for vocals (I gotta break that habit), but I’d really like to know what you all think.

Hope you had a nice holiday!

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I like the track. It’s energetic, positive, it has nice percussion and unexpected chord changes :slight_smile:
And it begs a vocal line or - if not vocals - a lead instrument like piano or even better two melody lines that flow next to each other, but create unity. Does it make sense? :sweat_smile:
I’ve listened to it twice so far and tried to come up with a melody.

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will check the track out later today and post any thoughts in the Nightfall thread.

but in the meantime…

Nonono. It just means you should find a good lyricist and vocalist to collaborate with.

If your writing style and strengths lean towards music that work best as songs, work towards that as the finished version. :+1: :slight_smile:

(It’s ok to post music [e.g. on SC] that’s intended to be finished as a full vocal track - and use the music post to attract lyricists and vocalists.

Of course, you could scout around music forums, SC, Bandcamp, etc… to find a vocalist who you’d like to work with - and simply ask them if they’d be interested in collaborating on finishing the track.

Might be worth hitting up @xavior for his thoughts, as I think he’s done that with a range of vocalists for his own stuff.

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Uploaded a new song today. Hope you enjoy!


@yaneeck. Thanks for listening and for the feedback. Yeah…it does feel like it needs something more melodic in the chorus. If you come up with anything, please send it my way.

@akabillposters Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll keep doing what feels natural. Sometimes a non-vocal sounding song comes out, but it just depends on the idea I’m working with. As far as vocalists, I’m not too invested in finding one…more like, if someone liked the song and wanted to add vocals, I’d probably go along with it. :wink:

Let me know what you think of the song when you’ve given it a listen.

I’ll be happy to add a lead melody, but not vocals since:

  1. Auxy can’t record audio.
  2. I can’t sing :slight_smile:

Do you think you could send the project link to me?


Haha…I meant the lead melody (not vocals). :joy:

I’ll message you the project file.


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