Night Life - Paradice

Hey everyone! My name is Paradice and I just released my first single Night Life. You can go check it out here.

Besides that I want to listen to everyone’s finished tracks and I’ll like all of them! Don’t matter how good it is I’m here to support fellow Auxians!
(Yeah I just made that up!) :joy:
I truly want to make friends and I’m open to my tracks being remixed if you got mad skill!
Please tell me how you feel about Night Life’ I really need some feed back from fellow Auxians. I really I’m excited to share my music with everyone and for them to also share theirs Don’t be shy :slight_smile: :heart:

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I like the ideas you have going on in this, but I think the execution could be a bit more cohesive. At points, it gets a bit cacophonous and difficult to discern what exactly is going on, or that it’s going in several directions at once. WITH THAT SAID, that’s how night life can be sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: Interested in heading more of your work!