night drive - dr. aquaman [Dance, Electronic]

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So, I’ve had this track open in a background tab for the past couple of days. Just got round to listening to it.

I really like it. I like that you’ve used the 13th step for a kick, rather than the obvious 15th.
Great texturing.
It’s got a great overall feel. Rhythmic, but with the delicate texture of spacey, synth ambient.

I think it could probably benefit from a little more sound design, as some sounds are so recognisably Auxy, that it dragged me out of simply enjoying the music.
(e.g. @ 1:43 and also 2:48. The sounds have some of the right characteristics, but are stock Auxy. A little layering and massaging would move it further away from being ‘an Auxy track’.)

(Obvious, probably not a problem for non-Auxy listeners.)

Anyhoo, bottom line… Liked and Reposted :+1: :slight_smile:

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@akabillposters thanx for your feedback - i know that the track isn’t 100% ready. if i’ve a little more time i will make the track better. when i get stuck, it always takes some time to move on - but i really like this track - also in this version. i created this track for driving through the night - so when you know this - and i am sure you do - you need longer tracks and a better structure / climax… to be continued

Who needs Midnight Drive when you have night drive?
Nice song, btw.

:joy: so it sounds like we have to drive - i like your sound - your artwork is dope - how did you made it?