neXus [Collab?]


I’m NeXus, and I’m currently looking for someone to collab with.

What I’m working on right now is a sort of vaporwave song, and my personal idea is that it transitions from an 80’s style to a modern future bass or other genre.

I’m new to disco, also, so please go easy on me!

DM me for details


I am also new to disco, so, welcome! I have never done a collab but I am up for the challenge. Consider me in if you would like.


the vapor wave track i originally had in mind is done now, but I have another track I think could work.

Are you okay with working on future bass instead? The current track is called Insomniac. I’ll get you the details

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That track sounds great! What do you need help with?

maybe you could finish up the second half, if that’s okay

Sure! I’ll do my best

You guys might want to take this over in a private dm chat!

Sorry about that, any chance you could show me how to dm someone? I’m new to disco and don’t fully know everything yet.

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Click on someone’s name or profile photo, go to their profile, and click on “message”

Is that only for members? I can’t see a message button anywhere on their profile screen. I’m still a basic

Yeah, I believe members only have that function. Basics have to wait a while, I believe, before they can message someone. Sorry my dude! I tried!

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It’s fine. Thanks for the help!

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I have added the second half, feel free to change anything.

You guys can move this into a private DM if you don’t want anyone stealing or taking a look at your project

Both of them are new to Disco, meaning they don’t have access to create DMs.

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@tictacto I created a private DM section for you and Jax (just need to figure out how to get myself out of it).

P.S: I wouldn’t mind doing a collab with you.

Makes sense.

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