New Year’s Contest - Jax (unofficial) (concluded)


Here’s my submission!


Also submitting mine finally


Today is the last day, please submit your projects by the end of the day today. If anybody needs the due date extended, please say so.


I never saw this :frowning: I would have participated


I can extend it if you would like.


Can the track be really short


Sure, there is only one rule, and that is to use the chord progression


My soundcloud minutes and my attention span say thank you.


Judging will begin tomorrow. Please submit them by tonight.


Probably can’t finish, sorry. No need for time extension since lots of others already finished. I just have too much going on to get it done right now.


This event has concluded. Please look at the description above.


well i suppose there were only 4 submissions lol

Congrats to everyone then and thanks Jax, for the challenge. Had me thinking a bit differently, especially having to actually write a melody (and multiple ones at that)


This was all I was able to do. Just for fun :smiley:


that sounds amazing! id love to hear the finished product!


Give me a day or 2 if you can if it’s not to laye


Sure, go ahead



#38 Nah just finished


Nice Job! If you want it posted on the album, what do you want the title to be?


“Glass Floor” because why not