New Year’s Contest - Jax (unofficial) (concluded)


This competition is over.

this is an unofficial contest.

I made this contest because I wanted to hear how different creators could take one chord progression and turn it into their own song. Top three - five (depending on the number of submissions) will get their track featured in an album I’ll post on soundcloud along with one of my songs using the same chord progression.

The only rule is that you use this chord progression throughout your song. You are welcome to change the key, the instrument, etc. just as long as you don’t change the chords. Get creative and make it your own. You are welcome to change the rhythm of the chords as well.

Be sure to post your soundcloud or auxy project here, and not in the finished projects section

There will be 3 winners. The contest will end January 14th. I will announce the winners shortly after.

seen as that i wanted to make an album with the winners, and that we only have four submissions, I didnt feel like it would be fair to have all just three winners. I know this is kinda cheesey, but everyone is a winner! I will be posting the album later today.

P.S. Thanks to you all that actually do participate!:smile:

Need a title for this - [Jax] [project]

Can we change the chord rhythm?




lol I feel like im bout to turn into Alan Walker with that chord prog


Im in


Hacker Voice: I’m in


i’ve hacked into the mainframe and disabled their algorithms



Awesome! Our first submission!


dem demo sounds



Yeh. Apple won’t let me get subscription. Something to do with my card I think.


NOTE: I just updated the track. The bass in the intro of the track just wasn’t right to me. (Even though it sounded fine before). The link above should still work.


READ THIS: I’ve updated the post above, make sure you read it.


This contest ends the fourteenth. If anybody needs the deadline extended, just say so.


Was Fun Thx:)


I just found out about this today. I’ll try to get something out. It’ll probably be short though




I can extend it if you would like. I said the 14th, but when I said that, not that many people saw it, there have been a lot of recent downloads, so I may extend it so everyone finish it, and add some finishing touches.


I’ll prob have mine uploaded by end of day. Finally was able to get to the project again (not enough storage lol)


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