New type of teamwork challenge: Pass The Beat

What’s everyone’s thoughts on a challenge where someone starts it off with a melody or kick Drum pattern, or snare etc, and they share the project on the thread and someone else reserves “next” and then adds the next melody, drum or whatever effect- the process would repeat itself until it either starts to sound bad or we can’t add anything more. I think it could be pretty fun if done right!


Let’s begin

If done right that is. I feel like many people would call next at the same time. They would all want to add on at the same time and show others what they have made. It will be a difficult challenge, but if you regulate it and confirm who will be doing the next section, this could be good.


Ez, use DMs

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Or just make a list of who replied interested in it then everyone dm’s it accordingly.

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What if people put a “:wave:t2:“ emoji and whomever previously went can chose and will @ (that person) conforming they are next… it will be up to whomever is chosen to pick who the next person will be- hopefully they’ll go for the ones who have been waiting the longest


Great initiative! :+1:t3:

Last time i did a Pass it around: A photograpy project, taking subject/shape/colour from the previous photo and replicate it and so on.

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Probably best to not use a premium kick… @TheCreeperMatik :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a new beat:

Ok once you find out who’s doing this please use DMs

yo pass the project file
you better not add wubs


Changed it boi

Imma add wubs, gimme the Project file.

ILl try it There

Very interesting idea man! I like it!


Dank beat so far.

Someone add Tonsil


Label it with your name when you add something