New Subscription Sounds - September?


Calm it…
I never said I would…
Also I’m not the one using the :joy: emoji unironically…


Thing is, you probably weren’t too far off.

I can too easily imagine that the ‘fun’, but inauthentic, cheesy, midi ‘funk’ like the extremely ‘90s Seinfeld theme is much more likely from the Auxy crowd than anything close to proper funk.
(It’s partly a demographic thing.)

Assuming the source sounds are even half decent to begin with, I’m not sure Auxy has the tools for expressiveness needed to make ‘worthwhile’ funk a real possibility.

Still, the ‘90s are back in vogue, so… :wink:


Give up the funk.

Although, to be fair, we did get a nu disco soundpack with Auxy 5 but not many people really have created anything disco-esque with it. Perhaps it would finally see some disco use if more funky sound is provided.

And as for funky expressiveness, all you need are samples. Good samples. Not sure if Auxy has the budget, considering how stifling and pushy they are for people to use that subscription they offer now. But that’s just my viewpoint, of course.

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Every time I hear the Seinfeld slap bass all I can think of is Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That’s basically one of the best scenes I’ve seen in a movie…

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I’m doing my bit., though tbh, I’m not sure how much of the Nu Disco kit I used, if any.

There’s so much choice in the kits now (and it’s not sorted well at all) that I more often choose to find something specific online than trawl through the thousands of samples in the kits.


And as for funky expressiveness, all you need are samples. Good samples.

Yes and no. It’s one thing to have a good sample set with lots of expressive variation in there, but at some point, you’re skilling up using samples simply to try to replicate human feel.

I guarantee that no funk soundpack from Auxy will include the incidental sounds you get from real fingers moving around real wire strings. It’ll be a sincere, but somewhat mechanical/‘quantized’ understanding of the genre.

Besides, if I’m going the super quality samples route and aiming to get that level of quality into my compositions/productions, then I’m probably not putting Auxy at the heart of my workflow.

I simply don’t see the point of investing time trying to replicate something in Auxy when 1) I could (should?) invest that time in a more capable DAW and/or 2) I could simply find human players to collab with.

Sidenote… Recently stumbled on a couple of gem YouTube channels for contemporary funk/jazz-funk/fusion goodness…

Inspiring stuff (to me).
(The FKJ & Pomo track helped push my ‘need’ for a Moog Subsequent 37 up my priority purchases list. :Definitely need to get in a store and try one out. :money_with_wings: :sweat_smile:

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Very true, when you put it like that it makes a lot more sense. I was considering more of the character and variety, not the subtle incidental features.

Come on, Dubstep sounds.


Come on, S O U N D S A T A L L !


I wonder if we’re going to have another June situation on our hands… :\


Remind me, what happened in June?

If ya really want to do this to yourself :skull_and_crossbones:

Thanks, I would have linked it but I was at work.

To summarize, in very early June we were given a new sample pack, but no synth sounds. People were understandably upset, and heated discussions happened. It was quite intense at points, with no word from anyone about what was even happening.

I really do not want another repeat of that. If we aren’t getting sounds this month, because we just got a sample pack late last month, I’d like to be informed of this so I can look forward to next month instead. A healthy, open communication is all we really want, after all. Not all this speculation and making up complicated answers to things we know nothing about.


Definitely. Thanks for telling me lol

If the sounds don’t come this week I’m going to die

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Isn’t it usually at the beginning at the month?

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Usually, though remember in the first few months it came towards the end.


To be blunt, I’d just rather them say “No sounds this month, we’re preparing an update or something else for next month so hold tight” rather than “maybe something will happen but we can just speculate because the developers don’t confide in normal users about the direction their app is heading”. But that’s just me, to be honest.


Interesting patterns indeed.


If the Subscription offer said monthly, then I expect something new each month. The day they start thinking of the core promises of their offering as ‘optional’ is the day they start losing customers.

I’m sure they know that.

Feature updates are important, arguably more desirable, but they just need to figure out how to walk and chew gum at the same time.

All that said, there’s still plenty of September left, so maybe a bit early to be reprioritising or questioning their desire or ability to meet their commitments.