New subscription sounds - March? (2019)


maybe acoustic basses


Wish came true


Was about to make a comment on this but you already did.

Can’t wait to see some triangles. Gimme.


more boom basses
808 subs are op


Boom basses are the #1 thing we have enough of right now


Bruh no. We have plenty


we don’t have any good ones except punch imo


Honestly, I would be interested in having some sub basses with a strong portamento in them. To get those thicc slides.


Closest you’ll get to that is beam. Also why not make ur own slides


We don’t need more boom basses. Sampled 808s are fairly easy to come by and I have about 7-8 bass samples that I use constantly.


We need proper ones, they would be great. And I have, and it’s frustrating and inaccurate most of the time. And doesn’t sound clean. I could list more reasons we should definitely get some, if needed.

Honestly though, we need portamento control to be enabled on most if not all instruments. Hope it’s taken into consideration during the next updates.


Yeah I agree. Also I miss the old gossip when tone was on portamento would enable and the sound would only change with that. Idk why they changed it.


Um… gossip’s tone is still portamento. It was divided out from Auxy 3 into shape and tone, and now shape controls the attack and detuned layers on the sound, while tone solely controls portamento.


That’s why I mentioned the word ONLY. It defects portamento as well as something else now but I’m saying I miss when it was ONLY portamento in the mode wheel


Most of the ones in Boom Basses are pretty much the same, so if we were to get more, they should at least have some variation


So you miss when you didn’t have as much control over Gossip as a sound? Because previous both Tone and Shape were combined into one.

Tone only controls portamento now. It does not control any other values.


Back in the day when tone was turned up it didn’t define it and add voices it just added potamento. U can go watch 7 skies Auxy review back in like 2016 and it show cases gossip


Still hoping for Indian sounds or Baroque.


Okay, here’s my thoughts.

  1. Electric Guitars (in a vein similar to the acoustic guitars, in which there were different versions of a select few string types [and Pony, which… just exists])

  2. Analog synth pack (nothing that’s too complex, although I’m starting to think that the Standard Deviation pack is going for that angle)

  3. Analog bass pack (we already got acoustic basses, which is all well and fine with me. Just gotta figure out how to make a proper gutstring bass sound that doesn’t sound filtered through an amp…)

  4. A third 7 Skies pack (I’m probably asking for way too much here, but 7 Skies seems to be quite happy with their work on the Auxy app)

  5. Another curated soundpack (by an artist, like say… Oh dear… I don’t have any examples. But I really enjoy the sounds Airbase gave us, and I’m finding new uses for them every day!)

That’s what I feel, yeah. If anyone’s looking here anymore… I mean, March is about to be over. Then again, that usually means that something with much more worth than an instrumental soundpack is coming (like an update, perhaps…?)


You mean fourth, right? Unless you had forgotten about Destiny. That one tends to get forgotten by me a lot xD

But I agree. We need some thicc analogue sounds. Bring in the Yamaha DX7 for some juicy bass lines.