New subscription sounds - March? (2019)


Indeed my friend. It’s unfortunate… still advocating for distortion features and more filters instead of sounds. I wish more people would see the significance of sound design over preset variety. @lenberg


Sicko mode sample


also amen to that


I would like sounds like lobster


More effects like extra reverb - tape stop and downsample


Having the sort of stuff available in Egoist as an “instrument channel” that affects the main mix would be incredible. Programmable insert master performance fx like a pocket operator.


Leads that aren’t distorted


Even though we still have yet to get February’s instrument sounds (if there are any of course), I suppose I’ll post this here.

We need more triangle basses. We have… none so far. Please, these basses are sexy and need representation.


Why are we discussing about March sounds when we still haven’t got February Sounds yet?


I’m confused didn’t we get voice chops for February


Yeah. Typically, there’s two packs per month. Usually one melodic, one sample based. This is NOT a hard and fast rule. For sure there’s at least one update per month.

I’m gonna need to start picking and choosing what stuff I download to my devices a little more selectively, the footprint of the app is starting to get beefy if you download all samples :slight_smile:


I’m hoping for a pack with woodwinds; flutes, clarinets, piccolos, etc.


True that. There’s been very rare occasions where this has not been the case, and there was also the snaffu with October’s pack being pushed a tiny bit into November due to 5.2’s update. Hopefully we do see some melodic sounds this month, even if they aren’t very complex. After all, the basic sounds are what lays the foundations for tracks.

Then again, if it’s waiting to March for another big-name-artist pack, I’m fine with that too xD


We need more simple synths. I don’t want stuff to be over complicated…


Agreed. The library is already pretty massive.


Very true xD easy-to-use synths are good, but what I really meant was basic waveform synths, more focused on the basic waveforms that could serve to layer with other sounds. (Like giving us a triangle-based bass sound)


Exactly what I’m thinking :ok_hand:t2:


If we get a woodwind pack, I might be the only one who is unhappy if the OBOE is forgotten


I use to play the oboe


If we’re still on about packs, the electric basses were good but either we need another pack dedicated to lead guitars or a better enveloping system to edit the existing basses