New Subscription Sounds - February?


You know what I want instead of new sound packs? The ability to load in my own synths and/or samples to use in the piano roll. That would be hella useful


so true


or even like a real synthesizer with HELLA knobs


I hope the pack is very articulated…

New Sample pack: - Vocal chops are out

Melodic sampler. Yes please.



The ability to load Audio Units would be even better. :sunglasses:




Amen, but not holding my breathe there. I can’t even imagine what kind of UI changes that would take, and on my teeny tiny baby phone I’m sure it would be unusable lol…

If only Auxy would melt together with a pocket operator. Perfectenschlag


Tone could be used as a wavetable / lfo = change over time. Therefore perfect for growls


Either metallic/percussion sounding plucks or heavy modulated saws with a crap tonne of reverb and delay


Some good electronic basses.

Oh, and some electric guitars, perhaps. Or maybe some organs! Or maybe… synth brass!

Anything that can funk. Must has more funk.




@tornait I may or may not have a funky thing that you may or may not like and may or may not want to help me with :wink::wink::wink::wink:


Uh… let’s talk it.


what about more vox sounds like ahh ooh or sorta like tonsil


Yes please, definitely some more stand-out sounds that scream uniqueness xD