New Subscription Sounds - February?


We need more atonal distorted dubsteppy sounds


What if skrillex made a sound pack for auxy, it would probably never happen but that would be epic


just one thing



This is it chief


Kawaii bass sounds. More plucky, high frequency sounds that have a built in portomento for tone. ( or is there already a way to make that kind of thing?)


u imbecile
milk is not a sound
it b a time zone


Neuro basses please


Some of the Destiny basses have portamento in them, but they aren’t very plucky. Your best option would be to try and layer on top of them.

Having the ability to add portamento (or remove it coughmascaracough) would be fantastic.


Or maybe we could get an oof in the disturbing leads 2 pack


Add some galaxy sounds


what does a galaxy even sound like?


Like a galaxy


or just ask Levi Niha for the ones he made


Every time I see someone mention oof, I think back to this video

Levi Niha is a beast


Some Vox sounds would be good


Hahahaha “certain DJ” is this refered to me? @TheRealJFalc


Beam is perfect for dnb. Aswell as mental




I agree. maybe a melodic percussion two, or like a tropical sound pack


It sounds really mysterious like different sounds from space