New Subscription Sounds - February?


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Canoe


:roll_eyes: ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎


Judging by his posts, @TheRealJFalc seems to have a really high iq.


wider range of dubstep basses for growls and stuff




Looks like a have a high IQ because that’s an instrument I use a whole lot


Yes, because Blob is not enough


I would like a funky synth bass sound pack. I’ve been trying to make a wah sound with some of the bass instruments and they just don’t sound right. I’m currently working on a funky track and it just really needs a wah bass.


WAAAAAAAAluigi time


He still needs to be playable in smash :pensive:


Blob doesn’t sound good lol


It can when used properly and appropriately. Just gotta play with it a little to make sure it behaves properly.


i guess you’re right. still, having a greater range of useful basses would make production for this genre a lot easier. especially considering that genres like future bass have loads of useful sounds to choose from


Blob is pretty good for a swelling sound, not too sure about using it as a leading bass sound. Ages ago I wrote a track with all the “crappy” sounds everyone threw up in a thread, I think it came out ok…


the only basses ive ever been able to really make work for a real dubstep/dnb effect were freak (which came out meh) and mental combined with flag (which actually came out pretty good). there are basses that can be used well to make good sounding dubstep, but its just really limited and makes it hard to turn songs in my head into actual tracks


For DnB, Cube is one of the strongest basses I could recommend. Try layering it with some other sounds and it should come out really good.


Blob sounds pretty awesome. I love the distortion


Eh maybe it’s just personal taste then


organs so i can make jazz fusion with @kayasho


Maybe. It might also have to do with how you use it. I have specific settings on Blob so the volume is a little on the low side. I have to use 2 settings of Blob to get the sound I’m looking for. Hopefully I’ll have an example later on so you can see what I mean.