New Subscription Sounds - February?


Thoughts for what’s to come?

At this point I’ve gotten most of what i’ve wanted in terms of sound. Would like to see more sine and triangle based sounds, perhaps in the form of a second analogue-styled pack or pad pack. I know plucks are also high in demand from a certain DJ, so maybe that’s on the table as well.



oh my god


Once again, just a pack similar to Disturbing Leads, please.

I know we’ve stated this before but even if it’s ONE sound with an LFO capability, maybe a sound that changes drastically with tone and shape. I’ve been longing to make set of growls that don’t sound the same. A WET growl!


There are a few sounds that sound extremely different with the macros. Story is a prime example with the tone macro, Gossip also has a very strong difference with the shape macro. Of course, none of them are what you’re asking for.

All sounds are LFO capable, as the synth was confirmed to be designed to support it. These settings however aren’t directly manipulatable by end users.

It would be interesting to see stronger instruments of these types, but they would have some sort of compromise due to the nature of Auxy’s limiting macro design. Either way, who knows what the future will hold?


Hopefully the future holds some sort of way to make better growls in Auxy :cry:


Can it be one of these:

-Japanese/Chinese sounds
-Big Room Sounds
-Future House Leads


Not entirely familiar with big room house, what exactly constitutes a sound being big room?


idk how to describe them but they usually have that sound to them where u just kinda know it’s supposed to be big room.
-kicks are usually big, toned, and have some kind of reverb on them
-usually have some basic leads/melody that just tends to repeat, like house music

(random sample pack link on youtube)


I just want jazz leads (flutes and maybe some more keys) or maybe some Indian sounds.


oohh baby baby ooooooh man


I’d gladly take this actually. Jazzy/snazzy sounds were exactly what I have in mind when I think of more retro-inspired sounds.


so with you on this


Loud epic sounding saw leads without detune. (This is based off some KSHMR tracks). And others with a FAT amount of detune but that kind of leans towards the hard style side of things. Also plucks with a HUGE amount of reverb. Likes the ones from Martin Garrix Animals. Overall they are huge sounds that you will prodominately hear above everything else. That is basically what sums up leads in big room.

But don’t take my word for it this is just off of what I have heard :grin:


Indian sounds would sound awesome in big room (like KSHMR) it would really give it that Arabic kind of middle eastern vibe. Which would be SICK. :ok_hand:


What about more variety for basic waveforms, like some nice saws that have a built in “lowpass” increase in their attack, or like a sine wave that’s more geared to high high octaves. Idk just some thoughts


I would like a tuba except it’s an actual bass instrument


we need an actual sine wave that doesn’t sound bad lmao


Aka bad mixing


To be fair, Canoe sounds pretty good when properly handled, and Crater works wonders even if it’s designed to be a sub instrument. The rest of the sine instruments just really lack power or character.