New Subscription Sounds - December?

There’s nothing wrong with having more options, just going to say this right now to get it out of the way. While yes, you can create infinite numbers of sounds, there’s only a few distinct possibilities that work well and sound well unless you’re a complete master at automating every single note to ridiculous precision and effort. If I had to do that, I’d much rather not bother as at that point there’d be an easier alternative to such a prospect. While yes, I’m all for pushing the app as far as it can go, I’m not going to make my life more difficult when there’s an easier option available. They’ve been requested long enough, I don’t see why expanding the vocabulary available would be bad.

Yeah but they don’t really sound good do they (besides weld mental and cone)


Electric guitars would be so amazing!!!

Or a trap pack…

Or both :open_mouth:

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To be honest, though its not my style. I’d like a dubstep/brostep sample pack.

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I was just saying that if there were good growl sounds than they would become overused very fast and would sound generic even when used well

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I honestly don’t want to see any more acoustic instruments. I’d much prefer synths.

Sampled instruments up to this point have been incredibly limited to say the least, I have not been impressed with them. The strings, horns, and the pianos do not sound good at lower pitches (they sound digitally transposed, instead of actually sampled with all the nice lower frequencies). We need to progress from indie sounds that satisfy a niche audience to powerful sounds prominent in popular EDM. I feel like good synths will boost our production level through the roof.

A good example of this would be Phluze, he’s used synth samples found online to make some awesome songs. Hypnagogia is awesome, just imagine we actually had those sounds natively in the app and could tweak them.

P.S. Sadly, I have never released a song with any instrument in “Hipster Horns” they’re a bit lackluster.


I’d really love to see some weird, wacky, completely off the walls synths and basses


The problem with the instruments, aside from the original piano packs, is that they weren’t sampled as detailed as the pianos were. The problem, however, with the pianos is that the samples are somewhat muddy, despite being well-sampled they aren’t perfect.

However, to say that pianos have no prominence in mainstream EDM is, no offense intended, uneducated and false.

And really, if you never used any of the hipster horns how can you say they don’t sound good? They leave a bit to be desired sure but they function very well in their proper ranges. Most real instruments aren’t meant to sound in the same low ranges that electronically-manufactured sound does.

That being said, I would indeed want to see more synth sounds, hoping for more sine and triangle-based sounds personally.

The same can be said of all sound, then? Besides, more sounds means more infinite automation possibilities ;3

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I fail to see where I said that. Sounds like you need a better education as well, no offense :wink:

And yes, I know how real instruments work… I am a musician! :roll_eyes:

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Unless I misunderstood this, in which case I’ll gladly retract my statement, this is where you said this.

So you are saying that statement is wrong?

And I did not explicitly state that pianos were not prominent. I was just talking about the soundpacks and suggestions in general lean towards indie.

I would argue that yes, it is in fact wrong. If you were to take the time to use some of these “niche” sounds, you’d realize they have a much wider application than you assume. Just as many people brushed off Game Waves when it first came out, it’s incredibly versatile and useful for every style due to how well it layers. Sample-based instruments are heavily prominent in pop music as well.

Perhaps I took it a bit overboard with the piano bit, for that I apologize, but your views on the soundpacks being catering towards specific styles is flawed to the extent that they can be useful in many versatile situations.

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Yes, but you shouldn’t need to waste an hour tweaking a sound with automation to get it to sound how you want it.


can we get a yikes



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Which is exactly why there should be more instruments, yes. However, I’ve never needed to tweak the strings or horns for more than a few minutes to lay out groundwork for what I’ve needed, and the few times I’ve done hour-long sessions of automation were on more than just the sampled instruments.

If you want some help with finding uses for the sampled sounds I am more than willing to send you a few projects I got coming up that showcase the usefulness, if you still don’t believe me.

yikes xD

Electric. Guitars. Please.