New subscription sounds April?

Well, you guys know what to do…
What sounds are you hoping for?

Honestly don’t know at this point. Existing sounds cover a lot of ground. Would really rather features at this point…

If I had to pick specifically sounds, I’d say maybe other types of vintage keyboards, mellotron, etc. As far as drum samples, beats me. There’s an awful lot in there already…


Still holding out hope for Baroque sounds.


Waiting for the incoming @Arimyth petition…


I’d like a chant sample pack. For drums, yeah.

Or maybe a pack that’s good for all chordal stuff? We got plucks for arps, basses and stuff… What about just straight up chordal stuff? Say, a pack with stuff like… Riff? Otter? Strain? Spray?

I’d rather a pack with lots of release filters than one with attack filters.

in a nutshell… moar electronic chords, please. Shiny, shimmery synths, or just clean stuff, or stuff for long, strong chords that aren’t pads or have sustain that makes them peter out before they hit the end of the bar. I mean, I’m just wanting more chord sounds myself. The new pack is… I can’t really use them for chords, the leads, I mean. I’ll have to experiment more…

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Like those, or maybe drop shouts. That type of stuff. Vocal samples, like spoken word even.

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Petition to make Oof a real instrument… Day too many

@Arimyth snipe’d

In all seriousness I will just reiterate my desire for some more rudimentary and basic sounds, especially triangles. We need more triangle wave sounds.


Yes officer, this stolen post right here. :point_up: :policeman:


Alright let’s get this show on the road.


dubstep basses

basses for specifically dubstep

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Jeeze that’s dedication


Holy crap. The memes keep getting more and more creative


Plz make a trap pack soon ;(

Well, what would a trap pack entail? What kinda instruments?

Trap horns :trumpet::trumpet:


For a trap drumpack… Different sub kicks to mach each key, so you can use a kick that is in tune and wont make the bass you are using muddy. Also, hopefully we can get some heavier kicks that have more high frequencies and some distortion. (Kinda like the kick in this song here) Hopefully some decent snares, possibly layered snares, snaps, and claps too. Something else that would be super essintial (in my opinion lol) are percs and fx that can be used for fills, like the percussion in this track here, and hopefully some more blips and blops that can help transitions like the ones in this track here. Definitely add a few crisp low pitched high hats. Maybe a few chants and some other vocals too.

For a trap soundpack. Some new 808’s, we don’t need too many, just a few new ones that are heavier than the boom basses. Then focus on one shots… Short, sweet, and heavily distorted sounds like the leads in this track here. Of course trap brass and horns like @Hum4n01d said. Possible sometime look into an oriental pack as well! Like this one here! <— This soundpack also has amazing percs too!
As for other sounds, just go for heavy one shots like Alasen, Vowl, Delay, and all the pros use.

Also, for any of my ableton/FL buddies out there,these 2 soundpacks were just marked down to a whopping free, go check it out nowww!


Okay. But this would be fulfilling for really one genre, which is what Len and Fred don’t want to happen. Although they’ve been stepping away from that by giving us synthwave packs…

Honestly, it’s just my opinion when I say this, but I don’t to trap enough to think that a trap soundpack would be good enough.

In terms of drums, I’d like a truly acoustic soundpack, or another hip-hop soundpack, or maybe something like chopped samples.


@blakkaz would have you believe you mistyped and meant to write “sub basses” ;3

Will make a detailed post later about this though.

Takeshi not free, trap one is still. Just as a test I tried to download on my phone, works with no issues the zip opens perfect in AudioShare.