New sound pack - Solar Eclipse

I just got the notification for it, but this is good news as always

finally some more normal instrument names

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this new sound pack is so good. great job auxy!

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I have mixed feelings, while I do like the sounds, it’s very similar to standard deviation so I don’t really get the purpose of this pack. It doesnt really add much more then what we already had.


As much as I hate to say it, this was Lenberg’s point- pack saturation is nigh. There’s more drum sounds than you can shake a stick at, plus you can import whatever you want anyway. After awhile these are just gonna sound the same, or mostly the same, without unique macro controls. And even then it’s a sound that sounds like another sound but one has vibrato and the other a flanger (just example). The exception here would be sampled instruments, but I’d imagine that’s quite a bit more work to get right (lord knows I’d rather make a synth patch than a multisampled instrument patch).

This is where the monthly fee is gonna become a harder pill to swallow. I don’t know that adding more and more soundpacks is really the answer, but if you had a Netflix subscription and they turned around and said “Hey enjoy your shows, no new content” and you were still coughing up 10-15 bucks a month, would you keep doing it?

It’s an interesting position for all subscription based offerings. I’m not saying subs are bad, at all, but there also has to be a ROI for the consumer.

I’ll end with a big old :man_shrugging: and also I listened to this pack and do think it’s quite nice.


There is still a plethora of sounds that could come from the devs. Especially on the sampling side of things. There is no way the only sounds Auxy’s engine can make is what is available at the moment. Add a synth pack dedicated to growls, tonal FX, or straight weird sounds. Not to mention the capability of sampling real instruments. There is more, innovative sounds that can be created and I’m sure we’d all love to see it.


Oh yeah definitely. For synths, I don’t disagree. Not knowing what’s under the hood (we’ve seen pics but no one really KNOWS what it does and doesn’t do, or where it’s sourced from…). So depending on routing, maybe not… though obviously we know it can handle samples (and even seems to have stretching built in, ie, some tonal samples follow song key).

Unless that’s some crazy multisampled sound pack, but I kinda doubt it. This is what drives me crazy about the app. It seems like there’s really, really good functionality buried in there, basically just waiting to have a UI wrapped around it. If some samples follow key, why can’t all samples follow key if desired? And then by that token imported audio.


Anyway, yes. Will continue getting my sampled instruments from Garageband I suppose.


The basses are sick and the leads are okay, finally a useful pack lol

Quite liked this pack, Leads are all good, pull to eighth or quarter notes for some quaver.