New Sample pack: - Vocal chops are out


i’m so excited to use theseee


Hey but we could make our own vocal chops…

Jk.We actually need these.


Does someone actually know how to use these well?


BRO. Haven’t been on in ages but I think this new pack deserves this. THANK YOU AUXY. I was seriously thinking of working on learning FL with my free time today but just then got a notification and said, “NOPE.”

haha btw can anyone explain why the chops are always differently pitched than when we hear the real sample? I’m not familiar with sound engineering behind pitch when chopping.


i’ve not really got an idea of what you mean, but it’s probably to keep things in key.




Oh whoops I didn’t think of that haha. You’re right, thanks!






I was at school waiting for the bell to ring so we could leave our last period of the day then i turn on my ipod and see the notification of the new sample pack. Super hype!!!


Does that mean this is February’s main (only) pack?

didnt think samples should be things tested for tbh, honestly rather surprised


I hope not. Some new melodic instruments would be nice, yeah.


Not one oof in the entire pack… slowly losing hope


Does vulnerable 08 say the b word? or is it just me


First song with this pack !!!


I know right!


Well dang, that was quick




Same but I don’t think I wanna show mine.I’ll probably delete is anyways cuz I tried hard again and nothing good is happening. This is so sad,hey Siri play HEXX GON’ GIVE IT TO YA


Ok, @Phluze. You out do your self every time and this is another level my guy :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: