New Sample pack: - Vocal chops are out


SO HYPED TO FINALLY BE ABLE TO USE THESE!!! Beta testing for these was painful because we couldnt release anything
But now they’re out, have fun!



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Dude this is actually great. I love using vocal chops in my ableton projects. While I will admit it’s still easier in ableton (more individual tweakability and precise placement), it’s awesome to be able to do vocal chops in auxy now!


Another step in the right direction for Auxy :slight_smile:


Super nice for what I’ve heard!


I can’t wait to utilize these, this pack was a great move and a step in the right direction :+1:


Really nice we got 800 of these.


Oh yes! Now our tracks will be amazing!

Goxenar.Are you ready to use these to dubstep tracks???


Boii you know it! :skull::joy:


For those of you looking for the equivalent pack outside of Auxy, it is located here. For the huge size of the full pack (almost 4GB worth of chops and extra goodies like serum presets), the price is very well-placed. It is an interesting choice for Auxy, and while I do agree that people did want it a lot, it may not be the solution everyone was hoping for. Personally, I’ll have to try it out on my own and see how easy it is to use.

Also another note, but the creator has requested that people do not put their name in the track at all. Shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s worth noting. Here are the agreements, which probably should be put somewhere in Auxy’s TOS @lenberg

  • ill-Esha has requested that producers NOT use the name Ill-Esha in the track titles.
    Producers must produce their own full music backing for these vocals.
  • You may not use the vocals as is, without using your own production.
  • Vocals may be used royalty free in commercial productions.


i’m so excited to use theseee


Hey but we could make our own vocal chops…

Jk.We actually need these.


Does someone actually know how to use these well?


BRO. Haven’t been on in ages but I think this new pack deserves this. THANK YOU AUXY. I was seriously thinking of working on learning FL with my free time today but just then got a notification and said, “NOPE.”

haha btw can anyone explain why the chops are always differently pitched than when we hear the real sample? I’m not familiar with sound engineering behind pitch when chopping.


i’ve not really got an idea of what you mean, but it’s probably to keep things in key.




Oh whoops I didn’t think of that haha. You’re right, thanks!






I was at school waiting for the bell to ring so we could leave our last period of the day then i turn on my ipod and see the notification of the new sample pack. Super hype!!!