New Release Procedure - Thoughts?

Hey everyone! Just wanted to announce a new procedure I’ll be using to release my tracks, I will be setting a release date upon finalisation aswell as a teaser trailer with it. I think this is a perfect way to build up anticipation and hype for the new release, hopefully getting more views too! Check it out and let me know what you think?

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I see stuff similar to this idea on Instagram and Twitter. It seems to work? It’s cool cause they usually post a clip of the music along with a view of the DAW they use so you get a little under the hood peek. Normies might not care too much but other musicians eat that kind of stuff up :slight_smile:

I know for sure there are other folks here doing the IG thing


Yeah I wanna put a lot of effort into it to make it actually exciting but just the audio

I’m keen to hear the full track after that small taste, so I think it has merit.


My only critique is on the video itself.
It’s well made, but feels to me more like an Auxy promo than a track preview.

Who is your target audience?

If it’s normies, I think it needs to be less tech, more music video.
If it’s other producers, maybe a little more behind-the-scenes…?

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Wlel it’s to show off what it’s made from which is like how any other daw would be showing the project. The audio is initially the target to show off but the camera around the project is simply just to show the project, no Auxy distribution specially. My phone is buggerered lmao. I want it to be eye grabbing not just audio. Also my audience attention is any music enthusiast whether a normie or not.

However maybe next trailer I could have footage from the raw project it’s self

Something like this? Skip to 30 secs in