New Logo help for me? [One Hunter]

Anyone wanna help me figure out a new logo? I don’t have any ideas rn, and im also really bad at computer art stuff, so any help is appreciated!


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@ezA Hey I accidentally posted my track twice on he forum so had to delete my last comment. I would be happy to help you with logo design, what did you have in mind?

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thanks man! I really am just thinking of stuff to do. I’ve kept it simple so far, just what was easy, but i kinda want to make a nicer thing… something to do with the word hunter… not really sure yet honestly

doesn’t need to have the words in it, just has to be symbolic… dunno rlly

Some sorta crosshair?

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Is eza actually related to your logo? Where does “hunter” come in?

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lol ezA was just something i had earlier

my name translates to ONE HUNTER in German

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what exactly do u mean by that?

im alive

what about this?

This text will be blurred

@ezA 2nd design


Your logo is pretty nice already, what makes you want to change it?


Woah i really like this one! This is great! thanks man!

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well, i just feel as if its a bit childish… i dunno

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Depends what kind of songs you produce. Maybe you want a happy logo and an EDGY logo.

I like your current logo tho. I wouldn’t change it. It’s iconic and uncomplicated


Oh ok, that’s cool.

thanks man! i know what you mean, but for some reason i just don’t feel like its good enough… i can’t really explain why tho :joy:

A crosshair is what you see in a sniper scope

oh lol duh that would actually be dope

yw :smile: