New-ish Logo! Tell me what you think! - EzA

I just wanted to get some feedback on my kinda new logo and background on soundcloud!
Here is my profile!


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Tbh, I find it a bit nondescript.
I think you should explore visual ideas that come out of the word ‘hunter’.

It’s a strong word, so it seems a shame that you’ve gone for a fairly generic solution that doesn’t reference it at all.


Yeah i totally agree with you, but im absolute garbage at computer stuff and logo design isn’t a strength of mine.

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Plenty of people here on the forums are happy to do free graphics

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… the banner looks could be confused with another symbol, that was around during ww2… from a quick glance…
(its a good logo though)


oh definitely do NOT want that… thx tho

yea i know i just… i dunno i just don’t really feel like putting in that much work or asking someone else to do something that isn’t rlly a big deal to me. Im kinda doing music for fun, yknow?

That’s fine. We all here do it for fun, but no reason not to look professional.

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