New instrument? This is a song I’ve been working on, and I think I made a new instrument! I personally like it because it’s the closest you can get to making vocals in Auxy (At the moment at least) and I wanted to share it with the entire community! I hope a popular artist on Auxy uses it!

Im kinda “ehhhhhh…” about the new instrument part but that sample was lit🤙🏼

How? Just wondering Bc I cant recreate it lol

Nvm it’s just took a few tries

I thought of calling it a new instrument because it has more fleshed out sounds.

It has to have a two key gap, so it’s kind of picky about how it sounds.

I think this one has a better name:

Mulch is absolutely the perfect name!!!

I do not mean to be negative.
You aren’t actually creating a new instrument, you’re just finding a new setting to another one.
Still, I’m going to use this. :grin:

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Ikr!! :smiley:

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I agree!

True. I did bait a bit on that title.