New headphones?

I always used SkullCandy headphones, preferably the wireless “Ink’d” ones. But, they broke and so, I have to buy new ones. I don’t have a “spare” or “backup” headphones, as many smarter people do, but I was just wondering if anybody can recommend any good headphones to use while creating music? They have to have good sound quality, be durable, and have good bass as well! Any suggestions?

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I’d just buy a second pair of those.
You already know the frequency response of them, and you’re comfortable with them, so they seem like your best choice.


I had a hyperX cloud 2. Best headphones I ever had.

Totally going to agree here. There is a lot of value in knowing the response of your kit. ie, you listen to a lot of music on it, you know what stuff sounds like through it, or what it could / should sound like.


Did they last you long?
Did they have good bass?
How were they, over all?
Sorry for asking so many questions, but I’m just curious!!

Yeah, I see what you mean, but getting a second opinion, sometimes really helps a lot, wouldn’t you agree?

Yeah, I do like those types of headphones, but I don’t want to keep wasting $50 for every pair I buy! If I was to buy a new pair, it would be my 5th pair, and I just don’t make enough to keep buying a new pair every time it breaks! That’s why I ask, if there could potentially be a pair of headphones that work just as well, but could be cheaper!

Oh totally, I mean I’m picking up different cans based on another thread about this. No harm believe me! I’m just saying, once you have whatever you get, learn how it sounds so that you can mix based around the response of your equipment

Well, yeah, that’s the point of getting new ones, but I just want to see if there could potentially be a cheaper pair of headphones that work either almost as well, or maybe even better than the ones I always use!

They lasted about 2 and half years until the left ear broke (it was my fault though i bent the wire all the time)

They are gaming headphones but the quality was v good for music production, all the levels were pretty perfecf.

very very very comfortable

Pricing is quite high at about £70

Get some VE Monks and buy a butt load of them

I might as well just buy myself two pairs of the Skullcandy ones that I use!
I’m not saying they aren’t good, but I’m looking for something that isn’t as expensive, but doesn’t lose quality!

You wouldn’t happen to know if they make any wireless ones? I’m looking online, but can’t find any…
I really don’t like working with wires, it messes my mixing really badly!!

They have item versions and you can find wireless mmcx cables online. Check massdrop too

Thanks, but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for.