New demo users problem - unable to use Auxy demo

I’ve been pissed off about this situation ever since A5 came out. Right now, it’s not as bad as it was before, now that we have more soundpacks. But even then, no one liked what the devs did.

I could keep ranting about this, but frankly, i’m too exhausted to even think about it.


I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter about this on the AC and it seems to come up from time to time. I decided to test this out on my sons iPad. @El1011 is 100% right - if I recall, a new user could postpone the free trial, but now right out the gate before you can do anything you have to accept and start the trial. Due to how Apple works the app store and payments, I suspect this will require either Apple ID funds balance or a payment method on file.

Once you accept the trial, you can either leave the subscription alone, or, you can cancel it immediately and then continue to use the full version for seven days. I strongly suspect that after a week, my son’s iPad will revert to the free, demo sound version. I’ll let you all know in a week.

@lenberg @Fredrik you may want to consider making it more clear what will happen when someone accepts the trial? I’m not bothered by this at all, a lot of services are like this (Netflix, Disney+, etc) so whatever - but it seems like potential new users are being turned off by lack of understanding. Just throwing it out there…


I 100% agree with this. New users won’t be as invested, and will more likely walk away if they don’t know or understand the situation.


My friend has the same problem! Thanks @iammane for testing if the demo version is available after a week.

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I can’t confirm yet, still 7 days to go. I just strooongly suspect this will be the behavior and will post back here when I can confirm first hand


wait so If I have to switch to a different device (for reasons that are too embarrassing to share) will I have to start the trial again? Or will it know that I have already done the trial previously because of my iCloud?


I believe that as long as you use the same Apple ID, you should be fine, and don’t have to start the trial again. Just click on “restore purchases”, and you should be good to go!


Premium trial expired today on my son’s iPad, usually seems to take a couple days to fully flip back. Will post back here once finalized.


Hey! We’ve been experimenting with this a bit and that’s why the behavior has changed. Some people get really angry that you have to subscribe to use the app so we have added back the demo sounds to avoid too many negative reviews.

I hope you understand why it doesn’t make much sense for us to build something that we offer people for free though. As you can imagine, it’s quite frustrating that the discussion turns into “developers are greedy and evil” just because we don’t want to make the app free. Making the app free won’t pay the bills, and this means that the app will eventually die.


I don’t know that people were angry about subscribing (this time around), but more confused / put off that it seemed like they needed to subscribe to even use the app. To me, it’s analogous to a week or two trial with Netflix like I wrote above. Totally fine - pretty standard practice. The verbiage on the message that popped up was maybe not super clear?

Mostly just wanted to test this because I saw SO MUCH GRUMBLING in chats about how Auxy doesn’t work anymore and etc, and honestly I just didn’t buy it. So my testing I suspect is completed today, and I’m like 99% sure my son’s iPad is going to behave how I anticipated - start the subscription, cancel it immediately (for the purposes of testing, plus he doesn’t use Auxy or any music apps) and then after 7 days + x amount of days swing time for the app to catch up to the fact I’ve canceled it will go back to the “normal” demo mode.

For the content you guys have built into the app, the ease of use, the fact it’s not abandoned I believe what’s charged is fair. The alternative is pricing up front which 1) Was tried before and doesn’t work and 2) When you look at how other devs do in this space with up front pricing it’s a serious mixed bag (so it seems). Sustainable, predictable income is important - the only thing that can guarantee that is a subscription, and as long as it’s profitable for you guys we’ll continue to see updates, which is good for us.

This went off the rails a bit, I apologize.

TL;DR - Prior to whatever change you guys just made, everything was fine. It was potentially confusing for younger people / people unfamiliar with how subscriptions and the app store subscription model works. Keep doing you and hopefully we see some of that feature list on the other thread continue to spill into the app.


We tried removing the demo sounds because we rather wanted people to start the free trial and check out the full experience, instead of relying on demo sounds to judge it. Turns out there are people who rely on demo sounds to use the app without paying, and they are the ones that got upset. We have not done any changes for paying users, obviously, so the people complaining are only the ones who don’t want to pay.


Yup, agreed. I think with anything, there’s always going to be that cross section of folks. fwiw, I don’t pay for Netflix, it’s shared from a family member. I do however pay for Disney+ and I shared that back with them. It’s not that I wouldn’t pay for Netflix, I just don’t care too much about all the stuff that comes with owning the account. Maybe that’s how these folks feel? If what’s there is enough to guide them on their musical journey, then that’s cool. Personally, I don’t see how people can use the app without the subscription, there’s so much missing, but hey, to each their own.

After the free trial expired though, it rolled back to demo sounds right? So I still don’t understand why there was so much complaining and proverbial hand wringing, but whatever I’m obviously not the audience who has/had this issue…


Because, for a while, we locked the demo sounds to see how that would play out.


Ohhhh even after free trial? Yeah, yikes. Ok.


I think more so now it’s like Netflix, Hulu, whatever, but those services were always subscriptions. Auxy for a long time was free with the basics, but you could pay more for more sounds/features.
Kinda like SoundCloud, but funny enough the recent change ideas in auxy also felt like following suit to what SC tried to do and they got a lot of backlash for it too (essentially forcing people to use their subscription platform or get their tracks locked).

But i guess it boils down to confusion between old and new users. I assume that we/older users see the app as “free with a subscription” since that’s how we got it, but when our friends/family/whoever goes to try the app they are told to activate the trial.

Am on mobile so sorry if there’s any confusion in what I’m saying. But also trying to just say what I’m thinking


If I read the last update notes correctly the behavior has changed. Hopefully my older sons iPad didn’t update the app yet, cause I wanted to see the behavior as it was.

My younger sons iPad I can try out the new update with. Just to see how it all behaves. I don’t really know why I even care lol… but I feel compelled to find out.


Yeah, sadly I have stopped showing Auxy to my friends who may be interested because I can’t even get it to run on their phone without paying (or at least starting a paid subscription that requires a payment method I believe).

I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem that there’s a subscription wall now, but it will definitely turn off many people who wanted to try it out and could eventually become paying users.


How could you become a paying users if you’re not able to start the free trial and check out the app in the first place? :upside_down_face:

Just to add some context to this:


I meant to be able to show them the app and have them try it out :wink:

The subscription trial is still available regardless

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