New chill track “My Eyes”

The base of this song came from this unused project

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Not my genre, but a good solid, commercial vibe.

Possibly not enough going on to stand alone as an instrumental, but imo, it feels like it’s crying out for a male vocal.

Also, I’d recommend extending it a bit to fit in an 8-bar B-Section/bridge/breakdown at the 1:48 mark, leading into the home straight drop.
(Try repeating the intro with a sprinkling of variation there, to see how it feels, then play around with it — but keep it stripped back, as you’ll want it to contrast with the drop/chorus.)

That structure could give it more appeal for both a pop and club audience.

(I was listening on my phone speakers and will check again later, but…) the kick sound didn’t feel like a great fit for the genre.

HTH. My 2 cents :+1:


sounds like a song :+1: