New Challenge Idea: Minimalism

Not sure if this challenge has been tried here. Idea is make a song out of only one 32 bar loop between 3 instruments, drums, bass, lead ( challenging ability to use automation to create contrast ) set to 8 measures each. Ideally the BPM is set to 60 so you have the most length of a loop to work with. Another option is thinking of voices as rhythm, harmony, and melody.

Whoever has that upcoming Auxy podcast I’d demonstrate it for that!

Not too good at forum names so my bad NotMiles if NotNotMiles sounds similar.


Oh ! Oh ! Thats me !!


I’ve tried similar before, like 2 minute song in 1 scene (follows the 60bpm 32bars criteria)

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If love to hear it if you still have it! We can share projects

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Sure, but mine is incomplete.

In case anyone is interested…

There was a Unicorn challenge for minimalism earlier see here