New background (Goxenar)


Thank you very much


4 or 5


Looks like Austin kinda

Which is good


1 3 or 5


No, looking like Austin is called plagiarism


Four or Five


Which one looks like Austin though? I see no similarities other than the obvious triangle lol :skull::joy:


by the way, i love your music a lot


4 imo


Thanks man, I really genuinely appreciate that a lot. I’m happy to know I have people enjoying my music.


All of them are just epic.I can’t choose actually.I think I’ll definitely go with #2 and #4


They’re all awesome man! So simple but sick!

Love the first one tho, so that’s my vote

Here’s mine lol

The one with me in it isn’t legit I was just fooling around with it


Colors on black background


You called?


How’s this?

I’m loving it but I’d like y’alls opinions.


I don’t know if I should have “Goxenar” under my heart and triangle… what do y’all think?



Without the text to orientate the graphic, people may mistake you for DJ Testicle Ice Cream Cone.


I appreciate your input, I think I’m just going with this.


changing name on disco RIGHT NOW


Edit: I didn’t specify WHOSE name. I’m drawing out of a hat.


This is really nice - clean, pleasing to the eye. Symmetrical