New background (Goxenar)


I know it may be a lot to ask for but I’m kind of getting a little sick of my old logo, it looks good but I just feel like I’m ready for a change. Can I get some help on choosing my next logo? (If anyone would like to submit a new logo in which I can use that’d also be helpful.) Thank you so much y’all!

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3

Logo #4

Logo #5


#dos, but with white lines. Which… is really similar to what you have. I apologize :frowning:




I like 1, it’s like a color invert of your current one


1 is prety epic, and I dont really like the other orange flamey logos all that much


That’s the same logo… but I’d choose background 5


1 and five look dope


Thank you to all of you, I’m still working on a few I just wanted to get opinions from the community. I’ll post some more soon hopefully have a final decision by Monday. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


I think 4 is good :upside_down_face:


I would go for a minimalistic look, by keeping the logo and have no background.

That would turn it from a “picture” to a “logo”.

The above images put focus on the background, which distracts from the logo. I would use images like that as cover art, rather than a logo.


Spoken for truth. Could just do the logo with no bg would be mint


So literally just a triangle heart? Right?


I said I’d give a shot at making you a logo before but never got around to it. Here’s a couple I put together as a rough draft. If you like either of them, feel free to give them a go or I can touch them up once I know what you’re going for.

An “inversion” of your logo I thought would look more “iconic”

Another inversion of your logo. Originally brush stroke but converted for crisp viewing


This looks great tbh


I very much like both of them, the second one looks beautiful but the only problem is that I’ve always kept the triangle above the heart because you can make the shape of a heart and a triangle with your hands. (That’s why I made my logo a triangle and heart, little bit of back story)


My question is how you took that photo… :thinking:

I gave the second one a go originally with the triangle on the top but it looked pretty messy (as it was part of the top curve extending to connect with the triangle in one stroke instead of a straightaway). So if you want to keep the order of shapes constant with how it is now, the second one might not be the best fit.

(As a side note, I noticed that the second one was really easy to “sign” with, i.e. the nature of its “one stroke” quality allows it to be quickly sketched on paper in a second or so. So if you ever become famous and start doing shows and the fans swarm you, you’ll have a quick and easy signature to tide over the masses. :wink:)


You can do @Arimyth’s first one with your hands too


Ha!! That is awesome, sir!!!


I think he has three hands


Dude seriously? Why’d you tell ‘em?