New app icon please!


The current one is a classic, but I really liked it when the team was experimenting with blue and red. Here’s a couple other ideas:

(sort of building on this topic but more as an actual request.)


Personally hate app icons with gradient colours. Mainly just because no-one consistently starts their gradients from the same point (looking at you Weather, Reddit, Instagram, and Paypal).
Not saying you haven’t here, but if everyone just matched the phone, camera, and podcast apps and had their “light source” coming from the top, it’d be fine, but I wish they were either ALL gradients or ALL flat. Maybe I’m an app design communist at heart.

As for your colours, I like the top left. The rest… yeah, nah. Bottom middle is nice, but the transparency of a black symbol bothers me.


@Sunny How about the non-transparency of a glowing white symbol?

I like this one :smiley:


How about we keep our old one but add themes


Light theme for an example


how about we just D e e p f r y the current logo


I can’t argue with something that glows.


I’m with you on this. What’s the point of adding a gradient into the app icon if the app itself doesn’t feature any gradient?


Black and white looks great with every thing and gradient colors usually end up looking tacky on most backgrounds in my opinion


However, I wouldn’t object to a black logo on a white background as an icon.


The current icon is very sleek and nice looking, why change it?


Because it’s been the same for like a year

I’m a boi who needs some variation every once in a while

Plus it’s simple, giving it a lot of design potential.


another logo idea


Dude everything you make is so awesome. I might make my profile pic into that soda can :joy:


I agree. As long as we have the black-themed UI, the logo fits it well.

That being said, it’s still fun to see other ideas.


thanks lmao. The power of Preview editing skills

but then you’d have to change your name to BobTheSodaGUYYYYY


Custom UI tho?

Negative theme?


A few things, logos stay the same for a reason, brand identity and recognition. For example, look at apple’s logo. They haven’t changed it since at least 6 years ago if I remember correctly. Sure they could switch things up but why would they want to?


If there was themes or custom UIs, then more logos might make sense.

(Branching out a bit, but does anyone know if app icons can change based on selections made in the app? i. e. if I selected a light theme, could the app icon adjust itself?)


I’m not saying change the actual logo, I’m saying change the app icon.

Same logo, different color scheme. Sometimes the Apple logo is white. Other times it’s silver or black. And that’s cool. That’s what I’m saying Auxy should do.