New app for Computers specifically for adding your own instruments to Auxy?


Yeah sure, I hear that. Workflow is the reason I keep getting drawn in!


Same here dude.


Some people have requested this in the past but I don’t know if the devs take such a possibility seriously. I do think it would be a great idea, we have some fantastic sound designers here and some people here have literally hacked in their own sounds. I won’t go into detail, but Auxy’s engine is powerful and as users we could greatly get more use out of it with such a program.

Just… don’t make it Mac only! Seriously just write it cross platform I am not buying a POS Mac just to run a single program x3 (I know I have a biased opinion against Macs, but still, writing cross platform apps that export simple json files should be easier than locking it down to Mac)


Okey I’ll change the title. Lol I do have a bit of a bias too.


May tech-Jesus have mercy on your corrupt soul ;3 jk if you can’t tell x3


Haha XD.


I seriously think I’m gonna look into (other options on how to do this).


But Auxy is a Mobile Studio. I wouldn’t mind them making an app for desktop, but why wouldn’t I just open up any other daw that’s more powerful instead?

what’s good about Auxy is that you can make music anywhere, and that’s why I got it.
If I saw it on the App Store while browsing apps I don’t see myself getting it. I’d just open up GarageBand, which is free and can do what Auxy does and more.


We all use auxy for different reasons such as you say for the way it is mobile. I do use it for the same purpose as you but the main reason I use auxy is the availability to portray your ideas which comes to the main problem. I can’t portray my ideas fully without applying my own sounds to the interface. Which inhibits my work to go further. That’s why I wanted the app for computer so that serious music producers could have access to a personalized studio while other producers such as to just to play around with music can just apply to the subscription.


U can use other DAWs to make fantastic sounds and then just import them into auxy through the computer application, get what I mean?


Realistically, you’re probably looking at taking your sketches out of Auxy and putting them in a desktop DAW to flesh them out more, or, you can do the reverse and sample from other apps to put into Auxy (which is what I usually do).

Some sort of front end for the engine would be awesome but it’s unlikely. I’d rather see that development time just go right back into the app. That said, a happy middle ground around adding more controls to the sounds and engine would be super super swell.


Yeah I get you. This is a vary grey subject between making a perfect studio or just complicating it.