New app for Computers specifically for adding your own instruments to Auxy?


What if there was an app specifically To build an instrument according to each individual sample for your own custom instruments for auxy. The options of instruments are endless which would bring auxy to a whole new array of music production! Basically my real question is Why don’t they release the software to make sound packs?


good idea


Like a synthesizer?
That would be awesome!


We need an API that will work with Windows too


Yeah, I agree with you.


I think Melodic Sampler is the answer of it, there is no need of separate application. Melodic Sampler can be implemented inside Auxy app.
But if are saying that you want to make your own SoundPack and need a software for it,
So let me tell you that as far as I know Developer already have such kind of software by which they make and provide us monthly soundpacks.

And I’ve read before many community members wanted to contribute making soundpacks for Auxy and also requested for such software but no luck convincing the developers. I hardly think the part of software would be provided to the public.

Also note that The Developer @lenberg already stated that they have software similar or equivalent to Serum (plus) with Sample capability and I think it’s called Modular Toad

Why doesn’t Auxy release the software to make your own private sound packs?

The title of this thread is incredibly misleading.


Actually Yess


I find that a bit selfish of auxy not providing such a useful tool. I do believe that they should release a way for you to make your own sound packs and not limit the app so much.


Sry about that.

Why doesn’t Auxy release the software to make your own private sound packs?

But that’s how they earn money by providing soundpacks to us via subscription


I don’t see how Auxy’s lack of something like Serum within the app limits it. If anything I think it allows for better creative flow for users so you’re not always caught up in trying to make the “perfect” wavetable.

Plus something as robust as a full wavetable editor would probably clutter the app quite a bit, require more knobs & abilities for those knobs (macro’s, lfo’s etc), and probably slow your phone down significantly


that software should come with the subscription then, shouldn 't it?

idk why im a part of this i dont even have the subscription lol


That’s exactly why they should do it for the computer not within the app itself.


I agree with you they would be making the same amount of money.


Yes I would pay the $500 dollars infact I would even pay a thousand for such a useful tool in music production because in the end I would end up paying the same amount through the subscription.


Wouldn’t it just make more sense to learn something like Reaktor for less than that and use one of the few free DAWs to host it? Just sayin.


Then we can’t use those instruments with auxy. I’m not talking about the Sirum but the application that allows you to turn your own sound patches into a melodic pack.


Ah, ok. I thought you were speaking more generally… was gonna say, juice not really worth the squeeze with all the other options out there if you wanna get wild with sound design. But for keeping it all in Auxy, sure. Would be cool.


Yeah because the flow of auxy is undefeatable. With that why not be able to add your own instruments for it on the computer and not be limited to the producers taste of sounds or the more popular sounds.